See if you can guess what I did (prizes to be won)

wait till you do it with the kill switch, that will make you feel an even bigger --at, ask bikerboy lol

My first week after passing my DAS… I’m on the roundabout at the A20/M25 junction. Bike judders to a stop as I go around the corner. Sat by the side of the road for 10 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong, then realised that my kill switch had been knocked by my tankbag:Wow::stuck_out_tongue:

Embarrasing doesn’t even cover it!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


Best story I heard was from someone who stopped at a phone box to ring his mate to say he was going to be a bit late. (Pre mobile phone days.)

When he came to leave the box, he discovered the bike had dug it’s side stand into the mud and now leant against the door of the box trapping him inside.

Had to ring the local police station for help.

A bit embarrassing as he was the local traffic police inspector and riding a jam sandwich marked BMW.

You’ve got to love East Anglians.


Last summer, glorious day, I’m picking up my scoot from the repair shop, I’m going down the road thinking “this is nice, lovely weather, wind in through the hair … oh sh*t, I forgot my helmet”