This is what I got for trying to have a quiet word with a van driver who pulled out on me causing me to lock up to avoid hitting it.

The [email protected] sprayed me with what is thought to be industrial bleach.

My face is worse now as it has swollen up.

Hope the [email protected] crash and burn.

Sh1t! any 1 get his details etc?

weird how he had a bottle of bleach at the ready.

C*nts!!! fella hope you get better soon mate. any witness’s??

******* low lifes…this is why despite it hurting, sometimes you gotta walk away and leave it.

bloody hell, i cant believe it, what ar£**oles…

If we can details we can then go visit retribution on the twat.
Deserves to have his face cut off.

Jesus Christ! I really hope that this c*** gets caught, and is f***ed over properly! I hope that there were witnesses who helped/got his reg.

thats why I never lift my helmet, I just headbut them:):slight_smile:

Shame you didn’t get his details… see fi you can, since you were injured this shoudl go to the police and they should chase him up. If they do I say a nice 3k minimum for damages is in order.


So sorry to hear this Mo. Hope you’re better soon mate.

There aint words to describe this lowlife. Scum is too good for him.

I hope someone managed to get his details.


It happened 6pm,I think they may have been on a “mission” to use it elsewhere.

Police are hoping that a gas station cctv will have the van recorded. I was lucky that someone thought to grad a bottle of water and throw it in my face. (took the top off first):w00t:

Holy f**k :frowning: That’s way way way outta line. I hope someone gives you his details and he gets what’s coming to him, legal retribution or otherwise.

Christ mate, that’s awful. Hope you heal quickly.

The UK just gets worst and worst. I hope they catch the basta*d.

They are just cowards, there were two guys in the van, mid to late twenties, if they had got out and give me a kicking at least they would have given me a fighting chance, but to do this… would be nice to get an address…

That’s ******* awful mate, I trust there’s no permanent damage? I hope the police track these guys down, get them convicted so that they can perform their 100 hours of community service, and you can spend your £100 court awarded compensation, payable to you at £2/month…sorry cynic mode appears to have taken over this morning.

blimey Mo, hope it’s not too painful and that the scum get done :angry:

Bloody hell!! Hope you heal up soon, looks sore :frowning: and I hope they get whats coming to them :angry:

thats awfull m8. hope they catch the scum and lock em up. thats easily G.B.H. @ the least A.B.H.

i really do hope they catch the knobend that did this to you

This is taking things to a new level - where did this happen Mo? Local? Hope theres no permananent damage .

if you do get an address… i’d be happy to help out.

Ooops double post!