Saturday 2nd June - Small bikes small ride - Essex or Kent

Hey, haven’t thought about it much yet just wondering if there’s anyone interested and with some free time this weekend? I know it’s Bank Holiday weekend and you might have plans but I’m going so if you want you can join me :slight_smile:

I’m on a baby Varadero so no motorways and sighseeing pace :cool:

Come on 125ers roll up. Theres someone making an effort here for something you have all been asking for.

I’d come along if I wasn’t going with the family up to the Peak District for the bank holiday. I’m sure you’ll have a whale of a time :slight_smile:

I might be game, ill get back to you on that one? What day was it again? Time/ish? Length/ish?

I’m free pretty much any of the four free days, any time (we would have to just pick time when there’s least traffic) and length depends on participants, our mood and weather :slight_smile: So basically this is just a call to see who’s free, we can hammer out details once we have an idea who’s coming :slight_smile:

Where are you based? I’m in East London, thus the Eastwards direction of the rideout.

If you come up past Chelmsford theres a good chance I’ll tag along!

@george.b - Get a group together and go out and get lost together its good fun. Done this today with Imortal Indian. The plan was to go to Finchingfield for a blast but it was pissing down out there so we turned the sat nav off and ended up doing a bit of green laning on a Fazer 600 and GSX650F. Not idea but was a laugh and thats all that matters :).

done that yesterday too, just go out somewhere, but I did end up in F’field in the end, even though it wasn’t planned in the first place ^^
There are some neat roads out there, so yes, get a group and go.

@Herr Schmidt - Don’t go out there today. When I mean pissing down, I’d never seen clouds so grey.

Nah, was at work today, however by the time I came home, all was dry. Though I reckon up there it’s probably still fairly wet.

Yep, I did that when I first got my car, loads of fun and Kent and Essex is quite good for that.

East Anglian: We might go in that sort of direction, how far would we have to go for you to join us? :slight_smile:

Its about how progressive rather than far :).

If I’m not busy when your rideout is on and noone else is hosting a big bike ride I’ll keep you company and try to achieve the 50mpg my bike is supposed to get.

Get a plan together which includes:
Approx miles. For a 125 ride 100-150 miles is best.Start time. If its too early you’ll struggle to get me out but if its too late too much traffic. Worse thing in a 125 ride as a lot of people are still working on their filtering skills.Start location. The Ace or the Tea Hut are the preferred ones.End location. You can end wherever; Ace, Tea Hut, Oakdene, etc.If you can give an approximate end time also include thatPrint screen of your route (if you have a set route).Don’t forget the lunch stop. Cafe, pub, restaurant or maybe a nice spot to eat. If its a nice spot there won’t be anywhere to grab a bite so instruct others to bring food with them.
Remember its your ride and its entirely up to you. Don’t feel pressured into changing you plans. At the end of the day your doing this for yourself and its an experience that you want. If people want to share that experience with you then thats all good.

Cool, would be nice if you could join at least we would have someone more experienced in group. I think a lot of these details depend on which day we will actually go and what’s the weather gonna be like. Because if it’s hot we better start soon or go late and end late etc. I actually like early morning fresh air but I’m also lazy so I can understand that getting out of bed early is a nightmare :slight_smile:

I’m just looking at the maps as we speak, I think some B roads from East London to around Chelmsford and back wouldn’t be too bad. We can even finish at Tea Hut.

The sooner the details are up the better I’ll give you a definite answer as to whether I’m coming the Thursday.

East London to Chelmsford is probably 30mins, make it an hour actually :stuck_out_tongue: and then explore.

Good on you George!

I’d come along for a laugh if I wasn’t in France that day…

Well I’d like to leave fairly early on Saturday and rather than going to Chelmsford directly I would go north then east. Something along these lines - It’s only about 100 miles but we ARE going to get lost :slight_smile:

Then lunch somewhere around Chelmsford and then b roads back to London and optional tea hut to discuss :smiley:

I’d include Finchingfield, neat village, many bikers around there, nice roads

Go to Finchingfield …

Make your way to CHIGWELL and follow the A113 through ABRIDGE and ONGAR then follow the B184 to DUNMOW.

To get through Dunmow follow the sign posts for B184 Thaxted and look out for the right turn sign posted A1057 FINCHINGFIELD as you leave Dunmow.

A 50 mile run out from the Blackheath Tea Hut, 100 miles if you return the same way, the roads are that good many do.

Ride safe, keep to 30 where it’s 30 through the villages and respect the 40 and 50 limits and enjoy the day.

The weather might even convince me to join you :smiley:

Finchingfield is a great one…and has a lovely ice cream parlor too!! :smiley: