Rusty old has been almost back in the saddle :-)

Well … after a year in Afghanistan and 6 months back here not having a bike - finally am getting a wonderful Street Triple :smiley: courtesy of one of our LB members:)

So, from this evening, will be a fully fledged biker again, although after 18 months off two wheels, I now ride like a beginner and am a total liability, so will be practising for a few weeks on sedate rides - and no BCR until am used to the open road again!!

Can’t wait!! Awesome bike!!

So the rusty old has been is now back on two wheels (and hopefully not A&E) - Maybe will see you folks at BM sooner rather than later:P

Enjoy, definitely a lovely bike. You beat me to it. Was trying to buy it.

Sorry Raquib to swipe the bike from under your nose;) :smiley: (all’s fair in love and war, hey buddy :P) But you are most welcome to have a go on it if you attend the BM sometime, or the Ace:). You are right, it is a great bike, am very lucky:D:D It would have been hard to rival the good old Hornet, but this might be even better:D

Nice one! :smiley: Have fun, stay safe :smiley:

Good choice of bike. :smiley:

Deffo better than the Hornet!!!

Cheers for the offer. It’s all good, I’ll just beat up KML! :P:P I’m at the BM quite often when the weather gets better so I’m sure we can chat.

I would definitely have bought that over the Hornet. Enjoy riding it tonight. :slight_smile:

come on raq, you know there is no chance of you beating me up…


Haha, not what you said back when we were kids at Disease’s. :smiley: I could kick your ass back then and can still do now. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but you were faster than me in those days… remember these days i can run faster than that bike of yours… no escaping me! + you’d have to stay on the bike to have a chance of getting away… thats unlikley :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not a true biker til you’ve dropped it :stuck_out_tongue: You can run but you can’t hide my friend! :slight_smile:


Definately a lovely bike. Miss my old one… :crying:

And def better than the hornet :wink:

Everyone is saying it’s better than the Hornet - but - just for old times sake I will post a pic of my old Hornet up here - it has gone to a new home now, but was race tuned and had an off the peg exhaust - so a special Hornet, with very special orange wheel rims too :smiley:

However, I am hearing that the Striple has been a top buy - and I look forward to riding mine and letting people sit on it at BM. Anyone know if you can fit heated grips to one? I had those on my old Hornet, and they were a lifesaver in the winter and meant it was possible to go to Box Hill even in December with toasty warm hands :smiley:

What’re you riding nowadays bikewise! :smiley:

Loving the sqircle mirrors :DHope you enjoy the new bike as much/more than the last

Thats a cracking bike you bought Hels…KML came to France with us last year on it, and it went like a dream :slight_smile:

Yes - the mirrors on the Hornet were ones I got myself - not sure why I ended up with circle and a rectangle confused :hehe:

Cheers all !! Just got the Striple this evening and it is indeed a cracking bike, a great deal and Kelvin kindly rode all the way over to sarf Lundin in the cold, so a big thanks to him!!

Daresay I’ll be seeing you all on rideouts again soon:D:D

Hurrah !! Can’t wait to go out on it tomorrow morning!!

Take it easy! :slight_smile:

Good to have you back girl!:w00t:

Got an Aprilia Tuono now. Sexy, black & naked. (will that get me in trouble! :hehe: )