Rusty old has been almost back in the saddle :-)

Took it out this morning !! Great bike and not too hard to ride either. Need to adjust the reach on the clutch as it’s a bit stiff, but otherwise - awesome.

Thanks Kelv. It has gone to a good home:D

So - will be riding with you folks again before too long!!

Happy weekend all.

So no issues with the seat height today? Or you going to see what it’s like for a week before you lower or adjust your gear?

Welcome back to two wheels.

Look forward to seeing you on a ride Hels:)

Really pleased to hear you’re back on the road Hels:cool: Look forward to meeting up @ Boxhill one weekend, but take care as some of the roads around there are a bit worse for wear.:w00t:

Give us a shout next time you’re out…:slight_smile:

Helloo folks - thankees for the welcome back to the two wheeled machine!! Was away for the weekend but back now and yes, Raquib, seat height seems okay - can touch floor on tiptoe, bike is wicked - but need to get my biking legs back again after so long off the road, and alter the clutch so I can reach it:)

Emsee / Martin (and anyone) - if the weather isn’t too bad on Sat, may pop down to Boxhill, so do give us a shout! (although it will be a nice sedate pace this time, to suit the rusty old has-been!!)

And, next week, will be down at BM on it :P:D Anyone want a go on it round the block - welcome!!

The potholes are a nightmare at the moment though round here :frowning: Some real corkers :frowning: