Running in period

Hi peeps, just want to ask for your thoughts on running a new engine in… The opinions seem to differ on whether to stick to what the bike manufacturer recommends or just ride the bike as you normally would… So please, share your thoughts and experience :smiley:

i really dont believe you should discuss this kind of subject on a bikers forum…:sick:


Alba, get your mind out of the gutter :laugh:

It’s exactly what I was thinking too :smiley: Best wear some large flow pads if running.!.html

I agree with Meth B

Backed up when I had this chat with Rhalf Lo Turco of SbkCity

I’m sticking to what I said last night, break it in hard (Alba… quit it!).

In a word, Hard! I’ve run in many production based bikes on the road and racetracks and always had them dynoed as they were to be raced.

Nick at PDQ would always remark at the well above average performance of the engine:cool:

Just to add, reliability was never an issue either.:slight_smile:

Run it in as hard as you can.

Ride it…like you stole it :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Thanks for your thoughts guys, glad to know I don’t really have to sit at 4000revs for 500 miles :smiley:

Accelerating through the gears is what your engine will like along with going down the gears to slow:) Makes it quite fun actually but do keep a close eye in your mirror when slowing:)

what you bought now ?

got any unwanted ZZR600 bits laying around ?

I’ve had several brand new bikes and I’ve never stuck to the running in guidelines… several reasons.

1./ I think running in relatively hard gives better ring seal, more compression, more power
2./ Modern manfacture is so precise that there’s less “bedding in” to be done
3./ If it wrecks it, it’s a. still in warranty or b. someone elses problem when I sell it ha!

I try to do my running in a one weekend hit as lots of short journeys are no good for engines. if it’s a 600 mile run in… Welsh borders? :slight_smile: Another “tip” is to take it through the rev range and not have it labour, one of the limitations of “official” running in is that the revs are so low that you’re more likely to be in to low a gear & make it labour.

**These are of course my opinions, and I accept no reponsibilty for anything that may happen as a result of replicating what I have done

which green one did you get in the end?

The 636. Lovely bike :smiley:

Sold the 14 have ya ?

No Steve, it was an addition to the collection lol:P

Definitely run it hard then, don’t want to lose any ponies

Does anyone have any ideas why running it hard is better?