Run to Box Hill (Rykas Cafe) Saturday Late Morning 12/09/15

I’m planning a ride to Box Hill this weekend. I can’t do Sunday as have other plans, Toony has football on Saturday Morning so have to wait for him to Finish at about 1045. He will be in Gravesend so i can meet people at the Services @ Dartford Crossing for those this side of the water then head off to meet Toony at 1045 ready for the nice roads around Box Hill.

Usual Rules Apply

No Nobbers
No Hero’s (Accept the GoPro Type, But please do not post any videos with Number Plates in show)
No Double White Line Over Takers
30 means 30 (Respect the Villages)
Cornerman System will be used
Pace will be brisk but not stupid, Ride your own ride as it’s not a Race
125’s Welcome but would advise that you have been on a rideout with us in the past so you are familiar with the way we run a Rideout
Arrive with Empty Bladders and Full Tanks
The roads will be Dry and No Fords will be attempted on this Run

As always i’m happy to organise the ride but would like a Leader & Tail Gunner to step up to the plate :slight_smile: otherwise i’m happy to lead.

Feel free to invite anyone that is not an LBer, The route is not set in Stone so i welcome anyones suggestions for route plans but would like to stick to Box Hill & Rykas Cafe as the final Destination.

If you are new to the cornerman system, make yourself familiar with this Video.

Having never been on a larger Ride Out before, would love to do this one!

I live in SW London but I don’t mind going for a longer ride - I’ve just bought a new Honda CBR300R and am absolutely loving it! So the longer I ride for, the better. Having never been to Dartford before (on my bike at least) and living a fair few miles away, would you be able to give me a post code for the services? Just to make it a little easier to find.

I’ll definitely be sure to watch the video as well. Thanks for the link :slight_smile:


Hi Dan. Just Google thurrock services

“The roads will be Dry”
Do you have a weather machine, or are you just an optimist?

Now, either I’m being an idiot or Google maps doesn’t know where Thurrock Services is >.< I can’t seem to find it on there. Anything close by I can search for?

RM16 3BG

The dry roads refer to no rivers/lakes/streams or fords

If your from sw London i would head to rykas /boxhill than thurrock to ride back on yourself …

I’ll most like make an appearance at rykas to meet you all and bring down your street cred a little :grin:

Thanks for the postcode!

Tim - I know I’ll just be coming back on myself, but it’s a brand new bike, I’ve just passed my A2 License and all I want to do at the moment is ride. I don’t mind riding there just to come back again - I’ll just enjoy the ride and enjoy the experience of riding with others riders (which I haven’t really done before).

I remember posting a Maybe on this thread. Where has it gone?

I deleted That thread and started a new one as I made my usual mistake of putting the wrong date in the title!!
I put 12/10/15 rather than 12/09/15

Sam, if you A, turn up and B, lead this, then I think I might have to invest in a lottery ticket as well, because it will be a rare occasion indeed and the gods of chance will be smiling at us! LoL.

What time are you planning on getting to Rykas?

lol Janey.

I will A, definately be coming but B, hopefully not leading. So therefore just buy a Lucky dip this week :slight_smile:

Are you going to get up and come along?? if so i’ll bring that Helmet sticker for you :slight_smile:

I’ve not done Box Hill in years so unsure how long or even what route to take from Gravesend to get there. Last time i done it i follwed a mate there and the only bit i truly remember is “The Mad Mile” on the way into Rykas, but i can’t for the life of me remember the route to get to the Mad Mile

exit M25 junction 9 and follow the loud pipes :wink:

It’s not the mad mile any more - there’s a speed camera half way down it… mad half mile just doesn’t sound right…

lol, Will have to call it the Krazy Kilometer instead :slight_smile:

Tim’s abandoning me for the weekend so I’ll need to entertain myself, but it’s also the weekend before payday and go-out-and-play funds may be a bit tight. Booooooooooo!

If I do meet up with you, do you want (ie, can you be arsed to carry) that Held jacket still? I don’t want that sticker anymore as, being fickle, I’m going to go for a UK/eu lid now.

@sam. It’s about time you Brits adapted to the metric system! :de::de::de::stuck_out_tongue:
I’m still a maybe. Btw