rubbish Fridays

I’m soooooo bored there is nothing to do. is any one else have a crap friday night like me?

well, there was the ace…
but was raining, so not too much going on.

Other than that, nothing going on here either now, just some gaming now and preparing for camping :w00t:

For the last 4 weeks I’ve been finishing up my art classes on a Friday night. I’m now quite pleased to have my Friday nights back finally!

Rubbish weather though. Meh.

are yes the camping, hope every one that goes has a good time.

I don’t even know where the ace is, think ill stick to Wednesday meets before in barking on the ace get to know a few more people.

been sitting at home drinking and listening to music, was going to go pub but mate don’t seem to be answering his phone and he aint called me back.

should start thinking about food now really lol.


My wifes gone out with the girls so on the plus side I’ve had my LB time undisturbed for once.:wink:

Nice single malt (in moderation) making it less boring more mellow though

well soon enough you wont even care then :smiley:

I have the Martell on the go this evening…

oh well nights almost over would have been good to get out as its pay day but at the same time more money in the sky rocket now…

half a mind to still walk up the pub…

Did you end up getting a bike asoe?

right that’s it she’s back…night all

No not yet Conrad B its the saving game right now, getting every thing together like the gear and security. selling car paying off finance and then buying the bike. hoping end of next month but could take longer if nothing is around… just hoe i get lucky and spot some thing early before any one else in my price range.

Either I’ve been awake too long, or I’ve been reading this forum too long. I just blew my nose, inspected it and wondered whatever happened to smiled’s snot.

This isn’t healthy.

(Yes, I inspected it because I get nose bleeds, and had to check. Shuttup.)

So in light of the above, horrible as it might sound a few “rubbish nights” staying in might help stock the finances up;):smiley:

No need to lie now… we all do it lol even if it is in secret :smiley:

but yes thats not right I for got all about that hahaha must be under the desk some where

I reckon he ate it.

Never understood why people eat snot. I used to catch an exbf doing it - a little bit of vomit comes up in my mouth whenever I think I used to kiss him. Eeewwww.

I wish! Out from 16:00 until 22:00, then a mad rush home to settle in to a 6 hour work shift. I could do with boring !

I can’t say that I envy you if i did i would be lying…

That’s my point - there’s worse things than bored :slight_smile: I’ll clock between 18 and 20 hours today, having been paid for 8. Sure, I’ll have had a few drinks between, but that’ll just make me more paranoid and worried about the long end of the shift.

Bored, I could live with! :stuck_out_tongue:

another one of them fridays hitting me again. have spent the last hour or so looking at bike gear and reviews. planning what to by…

Fock that been down the pub!

In a word, yep.

It’s Friday, it’s still light, it’s nice and dry and I’m in my pj’s thinking about going to bed soon as I’ve got to be up stoopid early for work tomorrow :crying: