Rubber duckies tonight!

YIPEEEEEEEEEE !!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hope it starts after I get home - not wearing waterproofs!!!

borrox i aint goign ace then!!

Yep, the monsoon is here in Newbury. It’s on it’s way…

I was planning on going to the Ace tonight for a wee bit, if it’s not raining cats and dogs. At the moment weather looks fine. Aim to be there by 7.30 - 8 ish, unless to starts to **** it down.

It’s already raining cats, dogs, rats and mice here in Nottingham. Just glad I got the train up.

Newbury? Nottingham? I’m talking Sarf Lundin here and the rain, cats, dogs and mice are holding off… just…

It will be gorgeous, fine weather tonight, don’t worry:D:D

Arrgghhhh - I spoke too soon - the rain has started in Deptford !! And I didn’t ride into work in my waterproofs today :frowning: :frowning:

What are you lot on about, I just spotted some blue sky here up town… :slight_smile:

Sun’s out in Wembley

this is it - i cant believe it - sunny and blue sky in the square mile…

Yeah it’s sunny now - wierd innit ? LOL:D

Thats alright as im not on the bike tonight, i`m off to my kids fashion show at school.

sunny at white city:)

Sunny in Richmondo :slight_smile:

There`s dark clouds and rain in East Barnet now.

Really dark clouds in Bayswater, however no rain just yet.

Wonder if I can get out the door before and back home before it breaks:ermm:

Darkening clouds and a rising wind now in Sarf Lundin. This thread is getting a bit like the weather channel!! LOL

Well, we are English…