Route #46 Brighton

Be good to know the route as you come through south london.

Could look at joining you on your way through.

Prob best you meet us at Box :slight_smile:

If we could avoid an LB punch up outside the dodgems this time that would be good!

Little update :slight_smile:
Mark and Ang will be leading.

Ingvar (Mr Slow) will be tailgunner, bring a hi-vis with you fella :wink:

We will pop past Box hill about 8pm if anyone wants to join there.

It will be a free for all on the way back :w00t:

If your marking a corner please stay on it till the tailgunner comes, otherwise it fu$ks the ride up :slight_smile:

No probs Rus we can meet you at work. :smiley:

Will meet you guys at box hill…:slight_smile:

Nooooo thanks, would prefer a dust up at the dodgems :w00t:

And maybe some ear plugs… the sound of my little 125 being rung out, doing her best, will possibly get on your nerves after a bit. She’s four stroke, but still… I would like for us all to still be friends by the time we hit Brighton! :smiley:

Maybe put the baffles back in :wink:

you tell Him Officer :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the pace of this ride, below or above speed of sound? :smiley:

And how many miles? Are we gonna get back before sunrise? :slight_smile:

The pace is your own pace :slight_smile:

Miles… at least a tanks worth and you should be back in time for work on Monday :wink:

Count me in. As long as I’m home before bed time; 2300. But if I’m feeling like a rebel I could push it to 2305. Loved the night-time ride we did last year. Causing a menace through London. Revving the tits off our bikes outside the titty bar in Shoreditch.

I finish work at 1630, so if anyone makes it to the Ace before 1900, I’ll be there if you fancy a romantic sit in meal to fill our bellies before the ride.

Forecast is dry and mild :slight_smile:

Got a feeling there will be a fish and chip stop in Brighton, so don’t fill your tummy too full Tom!

At the rate my food metabolises Ally, I’ll be hungry again after an hour. Unless we are at the ‘above the speed of sound’ pace as mentioned above. :slight_smile:

Count me in :D.

sounds good, looking forward to it…

Should I put my baffles back in officer Rusty? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Noooo let’s deafen him :smiley:

May as well take mine out then. Deafen him to death :slight_smile: