Route #46 Brighton

Friday 7th June
Bus stop oppersite the Ace 7pm
No w4nkers
If you need to mark every corner, undertake, this deffo aint a ride for you.
Stunt spot afterwards :slight_smile:
30 is 30 :wink:
125s welcome

whos in ?

Oh, me, but better remember to bring my clear visor :Whistling:

And not spend hours on the phone :stuck_out_tongue:

That definitely sounds like a good way to spend a Friday evening… count me in.

I’ll be on a WR 125x btw.

cool, we will be running the corner man system so you wont get left behind :wink:

Theres even a green lane running thru the miiddle of where were goning if you fancy getting the WR dirty :Whistling:

If it’s dry I’m in :slight_smile:

ME too!

Count me in - but best we find out where the stunt spot has relocated to!! Ratty 46 is the to ask I think.

ratty is into kneedown, cant stunt on a roundabout :wink:

great, will be there for my first ride out.

Mr Slow is in:) Hopefully… and I might actually volunteer as a tailgunner :smiley:

Oh yeah I might have to join! Should be a good introduction to the ride outs! Weather permitting as I still can’t handle this cold/wet you guys have in this country lol

Yeah, I still consider myself a bit of a novice, that and I’ve got the road tyres on :ermm: Yeah, that’s my excuse!

no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes, wrap up warm and pack yer winter gloves, you’ll be fine.:wink:

Hello mate,long time,no see.If the weather is good,im there,cheers kev…:slight_smile:

Been yonks Kev, be good to see you :wink:

Slight change, its now Route #46, we are now going to Brighton :cool:

Still 125 friendly, free for all on way back :hehe:

If there is any interest we could have a swoop past Box on the way down :slight_smile:

I finish work at Bow at 10pm, any ideas where you might be around then :slight_smile:

Horribly lost? :smiley:

Sat on the seafront Russ , prob with a bag of chips and change for the dodgems !