Route #32

Rideout Leaving the Ace bout 7.30pm, probably involve bout 100 miles ish

Come fueled up as we wont wait

May involve a bit of motorway, so sorry no L plates :wink:

Probably finish the night off at a St*nt spot

This is not a post to tell us why you cant make it

Its not a Race, its a rideout

Who’s up for it ?

This is not a LB sponsored rideout in any way, its purely just people getting together for the ride, if you have any spills or get any tickets then its your own fault, not mine or LB’s.

Me:D Me:D Me:D and me please:D:D Weather permiting;)

Gutted can’t make this. :angry:Thursday driving up to North Wales. :stuck_out_tongue:

Friday Anglesey track day. :smiley:

Saturday and Sunday North Wales riding. :slight_smile:

You must be really gutted, that sounds like a crap weekend :PNot sure I’ll make the rideout as I have got to go to the dentist with the possibility of having another wisdom tooth yanked out, may pop to the ace though :slight_smile:

awww :wink:

Why is everyone picking on me :crying: I am not preggars, just getting fat but thanks for noticing :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you pregnant??:hehe:

No I am not :crazy:

Anychance you can go chat buggies and breast feeding somewhere else, this post is for a rideout :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I am gonna take over your post because you started all these rumors you cheeky fecker!!

Go on be off with you, take your leaking t1ts off my post :P:)

if i get my blade back i will be there

:blink: Your in serious trouble now!!!


working so cant make #32…wondering when we’re gonna do #14 again…;).?


You still here :slight_smile: Breast milk

Asked by Tiggi 1 month ago, 1 answer.

I read in a ariticle where a women has a lot of breast milk
She is able to give a cup of milk to her husband and mother-in-law and also the baby and still has some more … how much breast milk can a women produce? I tought that it would stop eventually…

or can human produce milk same as a cow? (meaning like always have milk) and how do you make your breast full of milk?

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Answered by smithmax on june 21, 2009, 09:15AM
235 answers

Mammals need to carry a baby to term to begin giving milk, as milk is designed for the baby’s use. When the baby is born, the milk has nutrients that are designed to give the baby a boost into life. The milk changes in a few days, once the baby has had a chance to get his boost, and is now an excellent food for baby. The thing is, as long as the baby nurses, the mother is not likely to stop giving milk. I knew a woman who nursed for well over a year. As far as the amount given, it depends on the woman. Some women produce large quantities, while others don’t. Theoretically, a woman who produced a lot of milk could provide more than her baby needed. If she used a breast pump to remove the extra milk, I suppose that someone else could drink it. As the milk use is reduced, the production will slow and finally stop. Also, when a new baby is on the way, the milk production should stop, in order for the breasts to recover and refresh themselves to begin production for a new baby.

F8ck me Tig’s, you got proper into the inbred ways, since going with a Herts Boy :stuck_out_tongue: Then again your from outa town aswell :smiley:

btw…whens it due dawn?:D.

terry told me the other day about your fantastic news…:)…wow…first LB baby!!!:w00t:.


When’s your birthday Rob?

We’ll have a whip round and get you some waterproofs… ;):P:D

Need to learn geography old man, since when has Edmonton been in Hertfordshire!!!

Have you been out with the likes of terry,Smiled,Tugs and the rest of this crew:w00t:Dry calm conditions needed just to attempt to keep up with these boys:D

Nah mate - I keep to my side of the river for the most part (the Medway that is, not the Thames :D)