Rottie Crashed last night but unhurt

After we left soho Chris took myself Andrew and Rottie out to heathrow. Had a good hours blast did some roundabouts. Just before we were going to leave rottie had a bit of a spill. Ripped jacket and trousers (all protective stuff so he was ok) bike not so healthy though. Squashed flat petrol tank, seriously scratched right hand fairing. Glad your ok though mate and the fact you were in good spirits afterwards was commendable. If you need any help with the bike let us know.

Sorry to hear matey. Hope your ok today. Like Tel said, let us know if you need any help. Is the bike ready for Bikey heaven?

Not quite that bad make a good streetfighter.

The events of last night were nightmare all round. I got hit by a lorry he gave me the squeeze when I was filtering and drove into me. Hurt my arm and bent my mirror up. Got lost on the way to soho Hennessy and I spent an hour riding around one way streets till Chris came and rescued us. My glasses then broke as well! Just one of those nights. Funny though.

Oh dear! U ok Tel? Is the bike ok? Time for a respray? (pls say yes) Time for a trip to specsavers? See what happens when im not around!

No other damage to the bike he got close to the fairing and I very nearly got pushed into the kerb when he suddenly steered away from me. It was very close to being nasty. Would never respray it anything other than yellow bogey boy!

Specsavers Monday lunchtime mate lol Had these glasses for about 7 years now anyway lol. Interesting trying to ride the bike with broken glasses too!

I know the feeling. I was riding along one day and one of the lenses in my glasses fell out. Oncoming drivers thought i was winking at them.

Did the lorry driver apologise?

Whats holding the glasses together? Cellotape? GEEK!

Sorry to hear that guys! Bad night eh?

Seems every wknd, something happens.

Not to mention the overheat problem on Projects bike… begging for cups of water from ‘subway’… while waiting for someone to find us… and only 1/2 a mile away from Frith… heh

And I thought I’d left my wallet at home, then that I’d lost it ! Only to find it this morning under the seat? How ?

I reckon 7’s been looking throu my Demon Tweaks catalogue ordering Ohlins goodies I wouldn’t wonder…

It was a difficult night for many reasons, and with a 3.30am finish, a long one. But some top laughs and ‘moments’. Boy, I’m wrecked today tho… weather’s been so beautiful but I’m just soooo tired that I wouldn’t trust myself.

Hope the bikes not too bad Rottie and glad to see your ok mate

Lol last night was a bit of a longon, glad my bike just over heated and nothing else lol, thanks for coming to the rescue guys

lol, The 7 is gettin jealous of you spending all ya money on the trumpet its tryin to hide ya wallet!

Sorry to hear that Rottie mate, if you need any help on the bike let me know, give us a ring or anything and I’ll see what I can do!

lol, Was quite a laugh last night but Terry had a bit of a bad run with luck, I was behind him when the lorry smashed into his arm and I thought Terry was going to fall off but managed to stay on the bike. Glad your ok mate! And then getting lost in the one way streets in London was funny… We went down a two laned one way street and didnt know at the time whether it was one way until cars from a junction was using both, but we got out just in time! lol

Thanks Chris for the rescue!

Also glad your bike didn’t blow the gasket Kevin as thats what my intial thought was but didnt have time to stop, lol. Until I came back round after about an hour to find out that it weren’t too serious and it was just the fan connection block and an EVIAN top up!


Lorry driver didn’t say sorry just ignored me. He knew I was there as there were three bikes in front and many more behind. I caught his eye contact in his mirror. I get the feeling he did it on purpose fed up for being overtaken by bikes I persume. Just thankful I stayed upright.

Oh yeah I glued me glasses today! Proper stylish lol

I was trying to do a nice wheelie, but unfortunately it was on the roundabout (doh ) and I didn’t think that my front brake doesn’t work when the wheel is in the air.But hey…I’M UNBREAKABLE!!! (but unfortunately my bike isn’t )

Oh well, I just have to go to the petrol station more often (the tank is much smaller now )

I have an idea what to do with a bike but I need the adress of a shop which supplies graphics and advertising companies. I need a large sheets of self adhesive plastic film.

Does anyone know any shops like this in London?

And BTW Draggin Jeans with knee protectors DO work. I definately would have my knee injured if not the protection.

My heart sank when I came round the roundabout and I saw your bike on the floor. Fair play to ya mate for dealing with it so well. Put a search out with partfinder for a cheap tank. Otherwise your tank range will be about 5 miles

Glad your ok dude.

No sure which staionary shop to be honest I know lots of industrial ones through my old graphics job but they are all for company business and not off the street trade. I will have a bit more of a think.

Yeah I hate one way streets! They keep sending you the wrong direction. Gonna have to study london a little more and make sure I know where I am going!

Hey Rottie dude … I’m glad you’re okay!! Ya gettin’ the gaffer tape out?

You got some mad shillz wi’ them wheelies you pull!

Ok, enough mystery, here’sthe SP. (sic)

Chris and I pulled off to the side of the roundabout. He’s sitting on the crash (ha) barrier with his spanking R6 resting in front of him after a thrashing around said roundabout. I’m alongside his bike but sitting astride mine in neutral engine off. We’re jawin about the Heathrow circuit etc and we here Rottie approaching the roundabout, I glance and see his headlight coming to the roundabout, think nothing of it and continue chatting.

Then, moments later, the sound of an engine revving (in what sounded like alarm) followed instantly by the unmistakeable sounds of nonrubber bits meeting tarmac. I looked around, and saw the 6r sliding along the road at a rate of knots. And not visibly slowing.

Sorry Chris, but it’s everyman for himself. While looking in the mirrors I try to start 7 (which had nodded off due to the late hour and advancing years) while paddling forward.

Realising that I wasn’t gonna out paddle the prone but still spritely 6r I checked neutral and waited for the impact. Thump, 7 and me were knocked/pushed at least a metre forward by Rotties bike. The fuel tank to be exact.

There was, fortunately, no damage to 7 (and those Draggin jeans would have been little help if there had been ) but some paint stuck on the back Continental.

Perhaps even more fortunately the tarmac-surfing 6R completely missed Chris’d R6 by a matter of inches. That would have been messy, considering the energy it still had to move me forward so far.

But I must say, those old 6r’s do crash well. We picked it up, and aside from a scratched can, and obviously beaten up fairing the only real damage was the back brake pedal which obviously decided to walk back, rather than going on his bike. Can’t blame it really.

He took plenty of pics - Rottie where are they dude! and the 6r looked solid and ok as we made our way home.

Sorry to hear of your off, glad you’re in one piece sorry to hear about bike damage