Rixxy - London - Australia 2011 -2012

Hey guys,

figure rather than posting in General from time to time i will notify you when i have new pics and blogs up on here. Well we do so if you fancy it please go check them out at www.jamesandcat.com

We are now in India, its a very interesting, beautiful but hard work place, i have struggled to find tyres after a spilt rear threw a bit of a spanner in the works but i have found one that fits so we will be back on the road again tomorrow.

hope your hang over from the LB xmas drinks is not to bad

Much love to the LB family

James and Cat

Good to hear from you! Wherever you are, it looks stunning! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re having a great time, punctures and beautiful landscapes all considered :wink:

WOW love the pic,s looks great, weather is s…t here, so keep riding and be safe,

safe journeys,

Amazing pictures. Massively interested in the Indian leg of your journey. Haven’t read it thoroughly, but will do later when it gets quiet.

Stay safe. Hope the journey is treating you well.

I’ll be waiting for your next update.

Good going mate! You’re not in Kansas anymore :slight_smile:

hey guys,

Merry xmas!! We have a new blog and photos up so go check them out at www.jamesandcat.com

Hope everyone is well and have a good NYE!!





Rixxy & Cat,

Read your blog, sorry to hear you’ve been hospitalised!
I can’t check facebook so don’t know the story, hope
it’s not too bad.

Some very good stories and photos, keep it going.

All the best for 2012.

PS. Denise stayed with us in London recently and is
keen to have bikers to stay for the 2013 IOM TT.
We’ll be booking that then :wink:

Happy New year guys! Yep def keen for 2013 TT would have booked this year is i knew i was going to be back in time!! Cannot miss one cos its so good, i will be glued to the radio/TV this year, i know alot of the LB lot are going over, they are in for a treat!!!

Had a prostate infection that turned out to be Ecoli, 1 night in hospital and a course of antibiotics and i should recover ok, the biggest killer is my back, the disc is killing me i need some stronger pain killers but im refusing to give in at this stage esp with the hard bit done!

Chat soon.

fk me what a cool cool cool bike ride heads up and keep going rixxy and co!!!

Hey guys,

We have flown the bikes from Nepal to Bangkok. Bangkok has been great os far, we really enjoy it and its nice to have some normallity back. But the traffic is a little unpredictable now and again and this can be very dangerous as you get lured into a faulse sense of things being normal!!

There is a new blog up for those that are following so go have a look - www.jamesandcat.com

See you out there!



Keep at it you two, that is some truly amazing journey your on. Stay safe and I look forward to reading more soon.

Good going Rixxy!

Hope to see you in Cambodia! Are you still going to get there to see us?

i want to mate, but prob not until your nearly finished, whats the plan on the day you finish riding, do you get a couple of day off, if you maybe i will meet you there?? PM me or drop it on here, i would love to have met you and the kind guys at CamboEnduro where happy to let me come along for the 2 days t the begining but i will rush and miss alot of Northern Thailand.

SO maybe your end point, that would be perfect!!


Hey guys,

Hope you’re all well, we have a new blog up for those following our Journey!


Here are a few of our favourite photos!!





that Tiger looks wide awake, alert and … Hungry :w00t:

I touched up a tiger once. It was a Triumph dealer :stuck_out_tongue:

Very impressive. I doubt I’d be able to do that…

Stunning animal. If they can be trained to be tame I want one as a pet :smiley:

Wow, great tiger pic:)

thats the bollox hey tiger tiger:):smiley:

Hey guys,

We have another blog up www.jamesandcat.com

As some of you may know Cat had a off and broke her collarbone so we have had to change our plans slightly but we are going to head to a country we would not otherwise have gone to just in a more traditional backpaker style until cats shoulder is better and she can ride safely again.

SO its been an interesting couple of weeks, this area of the world is great and so far has been some of the best parts of the trip. We hope you guys are well and riding safe!!

See you soon!!