RIP Tunneruk


Just read on the KTM forum that Chris took his own life recently. I’ve linked to one of his posts below for those that remember him and the quality of work he produced. RIP fella!!

"Chris Tunbridge (Tunneruk) – further information
This is not an easy message to write, or to read. It has been scripted with the assistance of Chris’s close friend Chad and Karen, Chris’s long-term partner.

It is hoped that in bringing this information to light, it may be helpful to other individuals who are experiencing similar circumstances.

It pains me greatly to report that Chris took his own life. It was entirely unexpected by those closest to him, and especially Karen with whom he was so incredibly close. What has become apparent subsequently, is that Chris was fighting some considerable inner demons, and had been doing so for a very long time. That, along with the inevitable pressure of running a small business, proved to be more than he could cope with.

_The reason no-one knew what Chris was dealing with, was because he internalised it entirely. Anyone who ever dealt with him knows that his outward persona was irrepressibly positive, passionate and helpful. There will be plenty of us who know that what should have been a 2 minute stop at his workshop to drop off a part usually turned into a one hour chat, with a cuppa, as he enthused over current work and shared his ideas for your own job. He always had time, for everyone - that’s the only Chris we ever saw. _

_So it feels tragic that he was clearly wrestling with such weighty issues, but never shared that with anyone. Maybe he didn’t want to burden anyone else with it, maybe he’s a product (like so many of us) of a time and an upbringing that encourages us to just deal with things ourselves. _

Whatever, the recent outpouring of respect, concern and love for the man shows that even within this community there are tens, maybe hundreds of people who would have done anything to help him, rather than see this happen. If only he’d seen that.

So what good, if any, can come of this?

The sad truth is that Chris will not be the only person on this forum to be dealing with difficult, possibly overwhelming issues, and tragically he will not be the last person to contemplate ending it all. Karen is particularly keen that people should be aware of this story, and that if they feel that they are experiencing anything similar, they really should seek assistance.

_That might come from speaking with a healthcare professional, or a mate or a partner. Things are usually more easily solved than are immediately apparent, problems can in reality be smaller than they seem and to quote from a previous thread, Chris would have been surprised to see the number of people who genuinely cared for him and would have helped him. _

If this resonates with you in any way, or maybe there’s someone you feel may be similarly affected, think about Chris’s story and know that there is always another option."


Very sorry to hear this. Condolences to all involved.


That’s very sad news. Poor chap. A friend of mine’s brother did the same a few years ago. No history of any issues prior to when it happened. If you are feeling down speak to someone. A GP is a good start.


My sincere condolences to all those who were close to Chris.

When a “two minute stop” turns into a “one hour chat”, that could be a signal of loneliness. No one wants to turn around to others and say “I get a little lonely sometimes. Could just do with some company. I don’t think anyone really knows me, my passions, my desires, my weaknesses”.

Maybe we all need to keep a keener eye on our friends, and ask the really deep question of “How ya doin?” and when we get the answer “Alright mate.”, then ask it again in a few minutes “So dude, how are you. Really?”


That’s a great one, I’m going to remember that.