Riding without mot/tax ?

Hi there !
As i’m french i’m not used to your mot/tax system and I’ll have some questions :slight_smile:

I’ll maybe buy a zxr 400 on ebay , 2h from London , but I dont have any tray so i’ll maybe ride on the road , but it’s neither taxed nor moted , what am I risking ?

Can I insure it without mot and tax or will it be as if I’m not insured at all ? (which I dont want :o)

Thanks :slight_smile:

you will be in more trouble than what you think!! get a van… cheaper :slight_smile:

You can insure it without tax or mot…

Insurance is the main thing as it will cover the third party if you crash…Just insure it and ride it home…TAX and MOT is a minor offence…Police don’t bother with tax its a DVLA matter…MOT is like a £30 fine…INSURANCE main thing

obviously haven’t seen the “no tax, no car/bike” truck fully loaded with scrotes vehicles then. It aint worth it. it wil get lifted. end of story…

pay up and enjoy :slight_smile:

He is talking about riding it home.

Police are the only people with the power to stop a vehicle on the road.DVLA won’t stop him. The police won’t lift a vehicle with no tax…Its a DVLA offence not a Police matter…

I’ll see with the seller to have him deliver me the bike , he just told me that the bike has no front brake pad , that’s for sure a very bad idea then :smiley:
Can you tell me the name of some shops where I can find brake pads quickly then ? So i’ll ride it with brakes to the mot center as soon as it will be ready to pass it !
For the tax what do I have to do ?
Is there somewhere a list of things to do / paperwork when buying a vehicle in uk ?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

…not if you’re fast enough it wont! :smiley:

And all tickets should go to the previous owner =

If it isn’t MOT’s don’t buy it. No seller with half a brain will be selling a bike with no MOT unless there is a good reason why they can’t MOT it. Usually a bike with MOT is worth far more then one without. Selling a bike with no MOT rings major alarm bells to me. Once it has MOT tax and insurance can be arranged easily.

Even if you insure the bike as suggested, some insurers have an exclusion for vehicles that have no current MOT certificate (unlikely to stop third part pay out in case of an accident, but could still land you in serious trouble with the law).

LMAO…No front brake pads?? LOL who you buying this thing off Derek Trotter?

Id walk away from that one mate…


The bike is a track bike project , nearly all part to return to street legal are furnished , if I pay £500 for that it’ll still be a great bargain even if it does not pass MOT , i’ll just have to find a way to bring it to the track :o
Or sell it in france for around 4 times the price !
But what are the main problems with MOT ? Lights and exhaust ?

WALK DUDE! THE FIRST THING I’D BUY WOULD BE PADS cheapest thing!!! :angry:


I ear that and after talking a bit with the seller he just don’t ride the bike any more so he took the pads of to change them and never buy the new one , doesn’t seem like a lack of attention to maintenance
What i’ll do I think is going to his place to look at the bike and talk with him to see what kind of owner he is , and if I decide that this is ok i’ll arrange a delivery , then i’ll do the little work on it here and then tax/mot/insure it

good choice! :slight_smile:

Liking these threads where the first post seems so black and white then by the end it’s not so.

i thought my post let him know exactly which path was the " more expensive route" :Whistling:

It’s more the way the OP teased you with a little bit of information in the first post then strung it out before taking his own advice anyway. :slight_smile:

The advices needed were more about the legal part for tax/mot , buying a piece of **** is another problem :o

I can’t think why he would take the old pads out to change them unless you had the new ones ready to put in

Thats true , will talk to him :slight_smile:

Going back to your original questions macareu: In order of doing things, to ride on the road:

1: You have to get insurance. End of subject. If it’s on the road it must have insurance. That is true even if just parked on the road.
2: That allows you to go directly to and from where you keep the bike to the MOT test centre for a pre booked MOT test.
3: Once you have a valid insurance certificate and a new MOT you can then buy the road tax.

Penalties for getting it wrong?
1: No Insurance. The police will seize your bike, may crush it, will have you prosecuted and you will get a large fine and, probably, a driving ban. (Being French and new to the country will not be accepted by the court as an argument.)
2: No MOT. A smallish fine and told off providing the vehicle is sfae on the road. If it’s not, it can be seized by the police.
3. No road tax. You can often get away with that though the DVLA (the crooks that collect the money for the Government) will try on all sorts of dodges to make you pay extra money they probably don’t have the right to ask for.

What do they test for the MOT? Go on line and search, it’s out there somewhere. Start with Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. (DVLA)