Riding most weekends in Kent, early risers welcome


A little crowd of us make it out most dry mornings at the weekend for an hour round this route in Kent


We normally start about 07:30, 1 lap takes 45 mins or so, and a coffee in the Oakdene to finish.

Any new recruits welcome.


might well check that out, i rode round kent parts once wth a mate, he lives near brands, we went down the seven mile lane(liek that bit) and ended up at paddock wood? the hop farm? then came back.

twas fun, it would make a change from essex.

Ratty, there is the whole of England to chose from - just get a good map.

Come on our ride to the Cotswolds for the day tomorrow (Bank hol mon):slight_smile:

yeah why not. This weekend is meant to be a nice one.

i’ve tried to get an early morning run from the oakdene off the ground a couple of times with no success. It must be my after- shave

this weekend is meant to be a nice one.

so it’s 7.30 starting at the oakdene???

Saturday? Sunday?

…i’m assuming BOTH days but definitely Sunday.

Alright Gavin - got your PM, that’ll be a nice little route! Im up for coming along 1 weekend, Im away this weekend but Im around the weekend after so if your heading out I’ll come :slight_smile:

what about ME don’t I get one…


We must have upset him:crying:

Im Up for an early morning blast about so what day?

I’m local for this one but what everyone has said… wot day?

is this not going ahead then?i could record the ride out

hopefully in better quality than this lap i did at silverstone


well i’m up for this.

just waiting for Gav to say which day.

i’m more than willing to arrange an early Sunday ride either way.

Is this on for this saturday (the 30th)? How fast is the group? I’ve recently bought a Daytona 955i and it scares me, but in a good way.


I got one! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

didn’t want to go on this cliquey selective ride anyway…


They must have heard of the Dark Knight that rides a Black steed in the Kent countryside and thought it best not upset him incase they felt the rath of his sword;) Oh and didn’t want to stop every 60 miles for fuel :smiley:

NO!!! nor me, ner :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s only because he keeps getting lost, the bat bike evidently doesn’t come with sat nav!! :wink: