Ride to Amsterdam anyone?

Ruff Ryders Europe are having a tradtional bike wash at the club house in Amsterdam in May 24th 2pm - 7pm. There will be a bar-b-q and time to meet bikers from across Europe. It is open to everyone and the only cost is the bar-b-q. I am considering riding there and possibly staying the night and riding back on the Sunday or Monday.

Is anyone else interested in making the trip? If there is any interest I will get travel info and costs etc, also if anyone who has ridden from France via the tunnel (minimal costs) knows a good riding route please let me know.

I’m in. I’ll speak to some of the CBC boys as I know they’ve ridden there previously :slight_smile:

Lets get planning :smiley:


i would love to, BUT i have a fishing holiday in sept to pay for and this month is a 5 week month…aaaarrrghghgh!!! so i doubt i wil go,

many thanks for the invite tho redzstar!..

oh and do you REALLY want to see ratty loose in teh 'dam!!!:w00t::w00t::w00t:

man teh coffee shops wont kno whats hit them! hell i wont leave…im staying!! go home without me!..i be ok…:cool::w00t:

LOL, I stay far from those coffee shops lol

Man, its real cheap to go, we will get the prices together and let you all know asap.

well handcuff me to your arm then!..i warn you tho, you may lose an arm! rattys got teeth:w00t::w00t::Dok bro let me know i see what i can do;)

I just checked some prices: £24 Return on the Euro Tunnel:D


Leave Saturday 24th @ 7am from Folkstone, stop in Belgium for brunch at about 10am arrive in Amsterdam about 11.30

Stay at http://www.hotelformule1.com/gb/reservation/liste_hotels.shtml for £37. That is the price of a room that 3 people can share, if you want your own room you might wanna book into a much nicer hotel at that price.:cool:

Leave Amsterdam the next day Sunday 25th May at 6pm leave Calais at 10.30pm.

This is just an idea of times it gets us to the hotel and leaves time to catch up on some sleep if needed before the bike wash and Bar-B-Q

If you share a room with 1 other person it costs £42.50 plus petrol, dinner etc Talk about a cheap weekend away!!:cool:

Sounding like a goer Redz :slight_smile:

WTF is a ‘traditional bike wash’ ? ;)Would have been interested, but could be flying to Oz a few days after.

no can do, sorry dude.

I went to the Dam with the CBC boys and it was a great laugh. Sadly it’s my birthday on the 24th and I have other frivolities planned. soorwee :frowning: BUt have fun without me!

You want to see a doctor about that cystitis :stuck_out_tongue:

Leave it :blush:

Well spotted Dr Grim…


Bike washes have been going on for years in the biking club world, it normally involes girls in bikini’s washing your bike for a fee to raise money for charity. Bar-B-Q and music. Sometimes the clubs even get some male stripper types to wash the girls bikes, but we dont do that, were sexist:cool: Sorry she Woolf, we could ask Terry to soap up and give your R1 a good clean tho lol:DSo come on people, is no one else up for the ride to Amsterdam? You dont have to attend the bike wash if thats not your thing although everyone is welcome.

my missus is talking of going on a girlie weekend away with her mates
will see if i can get her to schedule it for the same weekend :slight_smile:

Ferchristsakes dont go via the tunnel. You’ve gotta ride up through France, Belgium and some of the most boring motorway in the world through Holland.

Get the ferry from Harwich to Hook-van-Holland, Amsterdam is a mere hour away.

I lived in Amsterdam for 6 years and used to run back and forth once a month on a ZXR400. Believe me, the ferry is so much better than the tunnel. Think details are available on the stennaline website.

seem to recall the ferry trip is quite long too and more expensive than eurotunnel as a result?



Oh dear. The boat I used to take was a 4 hour crossing on the Stena Discovery.

Just found this on wikipedia:

Stena Discovery was taken off the Hoek van HollandHarwich route on 8 January 2007, with her final in-service trip being the 10:40 ex-Harwich, returning to her home port of Hoek van Holland.

Oh well. Sorry lads, the fast boat doesnt run anymore.

I’d much rather be on my bike (even if on boring motorway) than stuck on a ferry getting sea sick :sick:

Hey guys.

I pretty much dismissed coming along, expenses etc, but its actually looking quite cheap and fun.

2 problems though. First, I have never ridden anywhere abroad ever, so would probably have to follow someone solidly for a while!

And 2, I have full Wolf textiles and stuff, but Ive never actually ridden in anything more then a spit of rain. If it pisses down, I could slow you down until I got my confidence up a bit!