Ride carefully this morning

So many pretty girls about…so hard to focus…

Same advice to the girly bikers, lots of fat ugly men walking around with their tops off in the sun, could put you right off!!! :w00t:

Good point Tiggi. The warning extends to girly bikers…lots of very handsome guys about this morning too…mainly on motorbikes.

Ride safe:)

I saw this blonde in leathers on an orange ninja near the City/bank area, more distracting than the mini skirts flapping about.


Even the ugliest biker looks great with a helmet on…male or female…:Whistling:

It’s ok she can keep the helmet on, it was a nice helmet :smiley:

Your safe I’ve put my top back on now

You want to see my college!!! :cool:

Yesterday I saw two builder types in the usual white transit sat at some lights, they both had their tops off but it made them look like they were both naked as you couldn’t see their bottom halves, just looked really gay!!! haha

well I have been riding my biccyle and must say they are some very hot women riding now…

Do pretty girls hibernate in the winter or what???

She lives down my area, very nice girl tho…


Hunting we will go … :cool:

^^ you are married.

btw, ride carefully more likely because theres so many f*king coppers around the roads lately :angry:

I’ve noticed this too. I use to barely see any on my commute, now I see at least 4 coppers in marked cars. I’m usually well behaved so not too bothered :smiley:

oh? interesting…Mmm

Definitely more police. 1 lad here got stopped for his license plate this morning whilst there was 4 police bikes hanging around the westway spur last night and this morning.

That’ll teach you to go tooled up to the Ace when the fuzz are around.

You’ve been marked. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Helmet…paper bag…same thing :wink:


Gotta be full face though…

Angelina Jolie

Anne Widdecombe

See? It Works! :cool::laugh: