Ride carefully this morning

Nah… you can choose nice looking helmet, paper bag is paper bag.


there’s also some not so pretty girls about…and they will still strap on those little skirts… :blush: focus on the road!

Oh i don’t know would you pick a Waitrose paper bag over an Asda one? lol :slight_smile:

Surely the posh tottie with Harrods bags over their heads would be the right choice? :slight_smile:

Just as distracting in my opinion but for the wrong reasons! :w00t:

this is why i like BM, so many THINGS to see :smiley:

The bird that sings upstairs!!!

didnt see her, see a few in wet look leggings tho:w00t::w00t:


Ah yes, seen her a few times on my commute in on A13/Limehouse link/Highway. She doesn’t hang about on that Ninja…

Nearly had a target fixation this morning …

actually make that 6 target fixations…

Another advantage to having your own driver :smiley:

Still wanking on the way to and from work then Nick ? :hehe: