Ride cancelled due to injuries

Hey everyone. Planning to go out on a ride on Friday 22nd July 2022.

I have a few routes created for various destinations. They are all pretty good to go.

Would anyone be interested in joining me on this ride

Heads up i am on a 125 so i cannot go as fast as most others. But i am trying to get ready for my DAS on 9,10 and 11th August


People drop a comment if your interested and/or have recommendations for a place to go and I’ll design a route.

Otherwise it is going to be a lonely solo ride

Where is the starting point?

That could be adjusted to meet the geoup requirements, but was looking at somewhere near to either Riverhead or Sidcup

Which would be at or very near somewhere to fuel up

I could do the afternoon - 2pm onwards, no issues if that’s too late, though!

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Thinking of doing it in the afternoon to be honest

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Well for anyone interested i am planning to ride a route that i have planned down to Folkestone

I have included fuel at the start(which can be adapted to suit meeting up and depends on people travelling to meet) also included fuel stop on the return journey.

So if people let me know if they want to go and numbers are sorted. Also if people let me know where they are travelling from i can arrange an appropriate starting location.

It is 70 miles just over to Folkestone and the same for the return journey.

This will be an afternoon ride starting at around 3pm arrive in Folkestone around 5pm. Grab some grub if you want to.

We should then be finishing near to Sidcup for easy access to the A20 and M25 for those who need it to travel home

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maybe, folkstone is just down the road from me, so bimble, f&c and then 30 min ride home! if I can get the time off I might join you on this one,

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Not a problem bud. Hope to see you there

Friday’s ride is going to be weather dependent as it is currently threatening rain on Friday. Obviously after this level of heat that could make the roads extremely slippery.

If the weather holds out we will be meeting at Tesco Petrol Station, Aisher Way, Riverhead, Sevenoaks TN13 2QS for 1500 hours.

Please drop your name in to this thread so i know who to keep an eye out for.

Also keep an eye on the thread incase of cancellation due to the weather.

Post yer route up. There’s a couple of us who live Essex/Suffolk border who can give an informed opinion on yer route / timings.

Sevenoaks to Felixstowe is 90 miles and 2 hours of boredom on A12/A14. Rushhour boredom too - Friday night traffic. Do the twisties and it’s going to take a fck sight lot longer than 2 hours.

My suggestion would be either make a day of it (Start in the morning) - or if you are sticking to 2 hours each way, head to somewhere a bit nearer like Southend or Burnham for your chips/turnaround.

I have to cancel the ride unfortunately. I needed to sort this earlier but have been stuck in the hospital.

Whilst at work someone has driven at me and knocked me down causing significant injuries

Sorry guys and girls

I’ll be back to it soon

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Whoah, bloody hell dude! Hope you’re not in too much pain and mend up!

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Well i stopped anyone else getting hurt but at the cost of injuring myself. The motorist involved was high on drugs and his intentions were not of sound mind. But hey ho goes with the territory of my job i guess

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Mend soonest john.

What job do you do that involves such incidents?

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Get well soon, mate!

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Get well soon, Horrible time to be sitting in hospital.

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NT. I am the much loved police officer protecting our streets


Thanks everyone for the messages. Waiting on results now