RH Race School 3rd June 2015 Payments

Please don’t post comments in here, If you want to comment on the actual Event then go to the event Post which you can find HERE

This post is purely for me to keep track of who has paid what, it also gives you an idea of who is going so you know how many are there to get us the discount (Minimum of 10).

Please be reminded the £50 is a non-refundable deposit (this is set by the Race School not me unfortunately)

Total price for the Day is as Follows.

CBR600RR- £250
CBR1000RR- £350 (But you must have completed the CBR600RR course in the last 2 Years)


The non refundable Deposit is due before 31/01/15, with the Balance outstanding paid on or around the 15/05/15.

......Name..............Forum Name........Deposit Paid .....Date Paid........Balance Remaining.....Date Paid (Due 12/05/15)
  1. Sam gsxr750_sam £50 01/12/14 £305 (Fireblade)

  2. Aird non-member £50 01/12/14 £205 (600RR)

  3. Jon non-member £50 01/12/14 £205 (600RR)

  4. Sherrie shewoolf1 £50 31/12/14 £205 (600RR)

  5. Susan non-member £50 31/12/14 £205 (600RR)

  6. Sean seanR1 £50 01/01/15 £205 (600RR)

  7. Brian DangerousB £255 03/01/15 £0 (600RR)

  8. Chris. ChrisB £50 05/01/15 £205 (600RR)

  9. Lasse Lasse £50 09/01/15 £305 (Fireblade)

  10. Ross Scorch16 £50 09/01/15 £305 (Fireblade)

  11. Rory Unluckysaxon £50 09/01/15 £205 (600RR)

  12. James non-member £50 09/01/15 £205 (600RR)

  13. Freddy non-member £50 10/01/15 £205 (600RR)

  14. Adrian AdrianD £155 11/01/15 £100 (600RR)

  15. Joby Joby £50 11/01/15 £205 (600RR)

  16. Clive non-member £50 30/01/15 £355 (Fireblade)

  17. Andris Cypher £50 21/01/15 £205 (600RR)

  18. Ruth (Awesome) Harrison (AKA-Slan) £50 30/01/15 £205 (600RR)

  19. Andrea SimplyLeo £50 29/01/15 £205 (600RR)

  20. Alessio Non-Member £50 18/02/15 £205 (600RR)

  21. Martin Aceman £50 20/03/15 £205 (600RR)

  22. Romina Kristina £50 23/03/15 £205 (600RR)

  23. Alex Alex B £50 07/04/15 £205 (600RR)

I’ve set up an On-Line savings account with my Bank, It doesn’t accept Direct Debits or standing orders, It has no Cash Card and you can’t get access to it from any Branch, the only way to access it is if i go on-line and transfer it into my Personal account. So it is is perfectly safe for me to publish the details as the only thing a fraudster can do with these details is put money in (This way it doesn’t get confused with my Money either)

So here goes…

If you are paying the deposit to me please can you pay it into the following Account

Bank Name- NatWest
Account Name- Sam Bird
Account No- 70290563
Sort Code- 50-42-37
Reference- “Race School-Your Name”

Please ensure you put your name in the reference so i can cross reference it and also prove what the money is for and why it gets paid out when it does as if we have 10 people go i am going to have £2,500 go in and out of my account that needs to be accounted for, Also make sure you let me know when you have made payment so i can check it is cleared and there are no problems, then i can update the payments page i have set up.

Ron Haslam has emailed me saying we can have 20 in a group for the Corporate event, if we have more than 20 we can have 1 group of 20 then 15 Mins later another group of up to 20 can go out. I reckon we will get about 15 of us for this as we have 8 deposits paid already and still 3 or 4 more to come.

Thats 14 Deposits in, so we now have the Discount garaunteed, so any of you worrying about not enough of us going then stop worrying as we are there!!! You can now commit to this and start getting your wallets/purses out :slight_smile:

Paid. Sorry I’ve been a bit slow on this one.

Credit to you Sam organising anything is usually a total ball ache and you’ve done really well with this one.

Cool, no worries, I’m out at the moment so I will update it all when I get home.

Thats 15 Deposits in, We have 5 Spaces left before we have to do it in 2 Groups. I’m shocked at how well this has taken off

My mate who came with me last year has just signed up for the Blades too so there is now 4 of us on them :smiley:

16 in Total, the problem now is we are getting to the point where there is too many for the MiniBus so we may have to consider driving up in a number of Cars.

17 Now!!!

why the feck have you changed your name to bird :laugh:

My Name is Sam Bird :smiley:

18 Of us now!!

This is going to be Awesome!!

19 OF US NOW!!!

19 People all paid up now. I’ve left my Card at home today as i’m going down the Pub after work and not sure i trust myself with £950 of other peoples money whilst Drunk!!!

So i wil be Paying the deposits in Tomorrow (Or Monday if theye are closed tomorrow)

Thank you all for your Prompt Payments, this is going to be a Wicked day out, and i’m sure you will all enjoy celebrating My Birthday with me as Much as i will with you :smiley:

The School have said if i want to add more Names then they can hold open a few more spots for me until the middle of February without Depopsits but that is most likely the longest they can hold them open so i have held another 10 spaces just in case.

domt worry, just seen it!! Lol


Sam, there is a price discrepancy between what you said it would be and what you wrote in the payment table: £250 vs. £255. So which one is correct? :slight_smile:

If you look at the write up at the top with the prices it shows where the other £5 comes from.

The actual track day is £250 and there is a £5 charge for unlimited refreshments in the corporate suite that we have. So it’s £255 in total. The refreshments is optional so you don’t actually have to pay the £5 but when I asked the question most people said yes so i put it on for everyone, hope that’s OK.

Sorry about that Sam. I knew about the refreshments from the main topic, but I thought we were going to pay the £5 there, on the spot. I think we are all OK with it, even if some of us didn’t say anything about it. :slight_smile:

Cool. Yes I thought it was on the day too, but she told me the other day it will be invoiced with the Balance.