RH Race School 3rd June 2015 Payments

There are now 20 of us doing this as i’ve just taken another name from a friiend of Simply Leo.

The school have told me there are 3 Premier slots and 3 Elite Slots left to book, so if anyone else is interested there is still space. They also said to bear in mind they are always taking bookings so those 6 slots can and probably will be taken between now and the 3rd June.

21 Names now confirmed and paid deposits, I have 2 Spots left before we take all the available slots in our Session :@)

Ron Haslam has now said we can pay the balance as of Today, so we have up till Mid May to get it Paid, They don’t want one person ringing up and paying half now and half next month, Its the full £205 balance or Nothing, if you plan on doing this you can do it via them direct or via me again and i will pay them, All i ask is that when you do pay it (If Direct to them) you let me know so that i can mark my sheet and no payments are lost

Hang about, are they moving the goal posts around now they have loads of punters on board?

No, Brian (DangerousB) transferred me his Balance last night and i didn’t want to end up having people do that from now to May and i end up with £5,500 in my Account, she’ll go shopping thinking we’ve won the Pools!!!

So i spoke to RHRS and asked if i can start paying the Balance now as people are starting to send me money and she reluctantly agreed saying it’s not normal practice as they prefer to have it all in one go but i sweet talked her and she agreed to do it providing its not in dribs and drabs and that i keep a track of ALL payments aswel so that nothing gets lost.

But the option to weigh on as per the original sketch is still on or what? Only asking because this may be too soon for my boy

Yes that’s perfectly fine, we don’t have to pay a penny till mid may as originally arranged if we don’t want too. I’m not paying mine till last minute. It’s just an option if others prefer to get it out the way now


Last space now Gone. Alex B has paid the Deposit