Report & Pics: 75 On A 125

Soooooooooo…Where to start…

I got to Boxhill and grabbed a coffee, chatted to a few Harley owners (think I was parked in the ‘Harley Spot’ :D) and before long I saw DucatiChick wandering around and the Alex Gold came bounding up like a padded Tigger :wink:

Sorry Rioting Rob - didn’t introduce myself - I will next time now I know who you are :wink:

Met CoolTempo as well, then the rest ofthe 125 ride out turned up - Trisckie, Mr-C, stargirl, DucatiChick & JeanPaul.

Dev overslept, bless him and I never saw hide nor hair of biker_dan :wink:

We met up with Iggy too (how does Trisckie know all these people???)

So here’s some pics of that bit:

Iggy, Trisckie, DucatiChick

Iggy, Trisckie, stargirl and a very cheeky-looking Mr-C :wink:

Iggy, DucatiChick, Trisckie, Mr-C & JeanPaul

So then it was on to the Grasshopper pub carpark in Westerham to pick up 5150 - and a nice surprise - Mr & Mrs Busa had come along to get some pics :smiley:

Mrs Busa, Mr Busa, 5150, Mr-C and JP’s Helmet :wink:

From there we went round the lanes and unexpectedly extended the ride out into Kent & Sussex :smiley:

However, I can tell you that we have made a pact - what happens on the NKR (North Kent Rideout), stays on the NKR… :)Not one of us will spill the beans on what we were doing in this location, so don’t ask.Er, I said DON’t ask!Finally, we had a bit of posh nosh in Royal Tunbridge Wells, don’t you know :smiley:5150, stargirl, DucatiChick, JeanPaulStill 5150, stargirl, DucatiChick & JeanPaulMr-C, Trisckie Sooooo…Not quite the day we planned, but still a good day out and had a whippy for LAA - £2 a head so another £14 in the pot :wink:

As I said in the “other” thread…

It was nice to meet you all this morning. Glad you had a good day. :cool:

Did you do it TWICE then?;):smiley:

I’ve actually been sulking like a big baby here! Not only did i miss out on what seems a good ride out, i missed seeing you all again, Jackie, Chris, Silpa, Renee, JP and Stevie :crying: I am sorry guys i was a let down :(I just havent slept properly all week and I think its caught up with me, just had no energy this weekend (well till i drank a bottle of Lucozade like in years earlier today - that stuffs awesome!)

My penance for missing this was was mowing the lawn and other gardening work - Great! :angry: Anyway guys the pics look great and reallly REALLY hope you all enjoyed the day out???!!!??? :cool:

So Stevie - did you get the all clear?

well, what a day.

Thanks Stevie, great fun. I’m sure the NKR pact will remain unbroken. There was a second drama, im not sure if it’s included in the pact…

\Was nice to meet loads of new people :slight_smile:

oh and Dev - you’re going to have to think of a better excuse than having a lie in. I think Stevie may have some tips for you :smiley:

The pact must stay rock-solid!

It was… interesting! :smiley: The bits when we were riding were good and fun! :wink: Thanks, Stevie, for organising it - we shall have to have a NKR Mk II sometime soon.

It was great to meet so many new people, too!

To add to the drama of the day … my fuggin tail light broke during the day at some point (it was definately working when I left home this morning) …

A recovery vehicle chap wound his window down on the A40 to let me know - then 10 minutes down the road outside of Euston station a cabbie let me know - suggesting I ride home with my back brake “lightly pressed” so that there was a light back there :w00t:

Anyone else think the day was cursed? :smiley:

NKR mk2 here we come

That’s a London Cabbie for ya - full f good advice you don’t really want :DHaving been in front all day, I can honestly say that I never even peeked at your rear end ;)Hats off to Elad for what he does - leading a group is possibly the bigest challenge I’ve faced yet on a bike - my eyes spent 40% of the time in the mirror, 55% of the time on the road ahead, then also thinking about group distance, appropriate speed, when to stop to see if somebody did get lost… tis a lot going on - challenging but enjoyable :DNo - no NKR mk2 - just the NKR - whenever it needs to be ridden it will be there - BCR Riders - all I can say is that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :smiley: (but we got better lanes than you :P)

Well I’ve found the originator of the curse :stuck_out_tongue:

Its ok my incident is not part of the pact,

Bruised knee and a broken footpeg (new one already ordered from Dave Silvers) thanks to MR KNOB in the BMW on the A406

Still at least i got to ride my other bike home :smiley:

Popped into the Ace on the way home but you guys must have already scarpered :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah - been hearing about Blind Man’s Wheels driver - what a tosspot…Been an eventful day, what with you and @?!#%?$ :smiley:

I’ve been thinking about that bellend … regardless of his “filtering is illegal” nonesense … at the time … you weren’t actually filtering … you were changing lanes … You had poked your nose into the gap between his car and the one in front … he was aggresively trying to close the gap so you couldn’t fit … and in doing so … he drove into you … plain and simple 100% his fault … no?

I’d say go and get your sore leg checked tomorrow :)EDIT: oh and well done on your fella managing to get the bike home! We went to DC’s for a coke instead of going to the Ace … I’m 99% certain I saw him riding past us/towards you on your 500

Just want to say thanks guys for your patience! It was going so swimmingly well until ?@"*~ but hey look on the bright side - you guys had some decent food to eat. Am totally exhausted from the … and really feeling it today so staying home for a couple of days to recoup. Jackie, sorry to hear about your incident and hope your knee won’t effect Ascot.

Chris, you forgot to give me the plastic bits. Probably won’t need them as will have a new one fitted but keep them just in case they do. I’ll let you know.

Nice to meet more new faces - John, JP and of course Alex’ little troup.

Hope to be well recoverd for the next jaunt.


Hey DC - did I miss something? :wink:

Dunno what she’s on about. :Whistling:

+1 :Whistling:

lol your lanes dont even come close!:smiley:

glad you all had fun:)

:smiley: I wonderd how long it would take :smiley: