Report & Pics: 75 On A 125

Sounds like you guys had a good one, sorry we dissapeared so quick, had a prob with the camera, it just stopped working not long after we set off. got a few pics but cant get them off the bloody camera as it is still broke. hopfully they will still be on the card and i will get them off asap.

hehe dont worry mate, you will get used to it :wink: sounds like you had an eventful day :slight_smile: good weather and roads as well

Sure did :wink: well, you gotta have stories to tell, we just gotta convince ‘the faller’ to let us tell 'em :smiley:

No worries - was good of you guys to turn up - another 10 minutes and you might have gotten a REALLY good shot :wink:

Come on spill the beans, you know you want to!! Come on do it!!

Glad you guys had a good ride out, apart from the idiot bmw driver.

Triskie violating parking bollard at Sussex & Kent Hospital:

how do you do photos normally like Stevie’s above? managed to upload via londonbikers, then how do you put it in the post…?:ermm:

I just save the pic to my Desktop, then click on this button when you are creating your post:

Then browse for the pic and upload it :wink:

hmm it asks me for a url, so i assumed it was for inserting a link rather than uploading an img file.

It doesnt seem to give me an option to browse to a local file

im probably being a bit slow

How about click ‘edit attachments’

I can upload a file to lb, says its holding it in temporary uploads. “Edit attachments” takes me back to the main page of LB.

Not to worry, thats the only photo i took all day!

Could be a browser issue, will try with IE at a later date

Testing…yep that works



That’ll come in veeeery handy :wink:

Ok guy’s got the few pics we took off the card:)













Cheers! :smiley:

I’ve never seen myself on a bike before; I didn’t know I twisted my torso like that in bends. Weird… something to work on, there! :cool:

look fine to me dude, looks liek your looking out up ahead at the junction/s-bend thats coming up after the bend, wich is what you should be doing:cool::smiley:

kool pics, nice one mo, and well done stevie!

Wicked :wink: Cheers guys - really good of yous to do that - same as 5150 - never seen meself er, ‘in action’ as it were :smiley:

Hehe - 2nd pic down - Synchronised Safety Position :D:D:D

Hey,Here are the pics that I took.













Cheers Renée - good pics - particularly liking the bikes at Kent & Snuffit Hospital and Royal Victoria Place carpark :smiley:

I have a blurry picnic shot, and some others.

But those were the best ones.

We took up all the spots in the Motorcycle parking at the hospital.

Sorry there were no pics of the dodgy chavs.

Yeah - I had a couple of bad shots of the picnic :DHehe - what made me laugh was we all fretted and squeezed into the few spaces that were there and then that dude just cruised up and parked in front of that door :smiley: