Removing standard decals??

So, I went pillion on my own bike a few times a little while back and managed to scuff the side decals on the rear tailpiece of my CBR600F with my sidi’s, I have just ordered some new one’s and they’ll be here some time next week but I am now wondering, how do I get off the old one’s that have been on there for 7 years now!!! Would it just be a hair dryer job?

It’s these decals I am on about, obviously this picture was taken before I scuffed them up!!

Yeah I used a hairdryer with no problems, BUT… Sometimes they dont always come off without removing the paint in the process as this has happened before!

Be warned. :slight_smile:

I hope I don’t remove any paint :blink: but I suppose it wouldn’t be the end of the world as I am putting exactly the same stickers back on.

Light fluid helps as well!!

As in, pour it on the bike, stand back and throw a match!! :stuck_out_tongue:

you won’t believe this until you try it, but the best way to get decals off is to use mayonaise!!!:w00t: yes that’s right, cover generously and leave for an hour or so, then normally you can just peel them off nice and easy without damaging any paint:D

hair dryer,then petrol to take the glue off,then polish.and put new decals on that say suzuki:P

Now why would I want to ruin my bike like that!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Heat them gently with a heatgun/hairdryer, and remove the glue with a suitable solvent.

edited to add, remember to mark where the decals where before removal :wink:

Ok Ricky ,a heatgun you reckon? … cheers m8, i’m on it now :wink:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Cheers dad, that should do it :stuck_out_tongue:

or do what i done and sell the bike a buy another one without stickers:D

I did the standard decal removal on my bike a couple of months back with hair dryer and white spirits. Worked a charm

I love my bike, no way am I selling her!! The replacement decals weren’t expensive and it’s not too much hassle changing them :slight_smile:

I know what u saying dawn i wish i nether sold my zzr1100 best bike i ever had:crying:

I did wonder why you sold it, the bike your on now, well…it’s just not very you!!!

I know im in the process of saving for a hyabusa at the moment

i just needed a cheap run around after i get a new bike im gonna fully restore the cx500 and keep it as a spare i might even get another zzr1100 the cx500 was strugling with me couzins fat ar*e on it lol:D

Sounds obvious but sometimes gets forgotten, check that the decals are not under the clear laquer coat that gets put on a lot of bikes.

If you can feel “sharp” edges on the decals, your probably o.k. If the decal edges feel feathered in your in deep doo doo trying to remove them.

If you owned an Italian bike, the ones not laquered over would probably just start to fall off naturally.

Perfect :smiley: that’s exactly what i had in mind :wink:

Bike Meet was it busy 2nite