Real Winter Gloves?

Evening all,

Ordered some Rukka Thermog+ gloves this afternoon, reviews were good so ordered. unfortunately further digging a reasonable number of people were saying only any good until about 10deg, below that they are no good and so will be going back unopened.

Given this morning when I set off it was 2deg, means these are going to be pointless.

I have keis heated gloves but they are not waterproof, so after recommendations for real gloves which will keep my hands warm and dry.

If you can fit them, muffs are the best solution. I could wear summer gloves during winter when I used to commute. I didn’t even need waterproof gloves as they keep all the wind and rain out.


im with joby on the muffs, summer gloves in negative temperatures were great, but they do look crap.

Most of my riding in the cold now is on the DRZ with heated grips and hand guards (and lower speeds), so im alright most of the time on that too. Back when i used them, the turcarno urbarno muffs were great

Another vote for muffs.

However, if you’re going to be doing motorway type speeds, make sure you get ones with a braced leading edge. If not, the wind pressure can push the muff back onto the brake lever. It won’t be strong enough to actually cause the brakes to apply much if at all, but it will activate the brake switch.


Just embrace the muff, you won’t look back. it’s nice and warm inside

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I can’t use muffs in my bike
I use heated gloves it’s on another level of comfyness

I use Gerbing heated gloves. They’re warm and waterproof. I’ve also got hand guards.

In previous winters on long distance rides I’ve used Oxford Bone Dry muffs and summer gloves, the combination worked well and I found the Oxford Bone Dry muffs do exactly what they say on the box, bone dry and warm.

Some points to note - You need to be careful how you fit them, get them at the wrong angle and they can fill up with rain water, they keep it in as well as out! I found I had to fit lever guards to prevent the muffs from folding in on themselves against the backs of my hands reducing thermal efficiency, also without the lever guards at motorway speeds the muffs can fold back and apply light pressure to the brake and clutch levers. The Oxford muffs are big and with a large tank bag there is some interference to full steering lock.

I’m leaving them off this winter in favour of a pair of cheap as chips (£20) hand guards off Amazon and my trusty old Frank Thomas Aqua winter gloves which are similar to these below but without the hard knuckle armour. A top spec winter glove you can try on down at a J&S store near you.

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I had the issues with muffs pressing on the levers at motorway speed until I fitted the giant screen to my CB500. That addressed all the wind blast issues.

can you link to the hand guards please? I’m currently getting my scooter winter ready. already got the blanket :grin: look like a tit but I’m nice and warm!

Note I have not fitted them yet so this is not a recommendation as such. I’ve been told some cutting of the ABS plastic may be required so as not to interfere with the windshield on full lock, if your handy with a hacksaw, file and emery paper this should not be a problem.

What I can tell you about them is, apart from the fittings, they are 100% PP plastic but seem robust enough for what they are, my sole reason for purchasing is to minimise on wind chill to the back of the hands. There are several on Amazon not sure the difference, the ones I got are made in China, UK stock via a German supplier and branded Evomosa (Evomaster) model number EU-MTHS05-B

link here

I already have those style of guard on the bike.

So will probably look to get muffs to go around them if possible. having spent ages looking, I think the answer here is going to be muffs.

Thanks very much ! I’ve ordered and will fit tomorrow. Not expecting anything amazing but as long as it offers a bit more protection.

If the and guards don’t reduce the wind chill as expected plan B will be to fit the muffs over, I’m hoping that will not be necessary.

it will be unfortunately. I do, do about 60 miles a day on motorways which is where i’m feeling it, on the slow roads not so much.

So guess it is the muffs open.

Just to point out that Tucano Urbano used to make some muffs that fit bikes with bar ends and they had a frame built into the muff to stop the wind pushing onto lever.

I used to ride on motorway with them and never had an issue.

If you have guards I guess you won’t have that issue but one for people to consider.

No idea what they do these days or if quality is still the same.

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If you’ve never used muffs before the difference is night and day. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get them earlier.

No mods needed for my scooter. Thanks again

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