Reacting to agressive [email protected] drivers

On my way home tonight minding my own business, in the middle of the lane going round a left hand bend, when some knob flies round my right hand side with about half an inch to spare then cuts across in front of me - had I not applied the brakes sharpish I would probably be in hospital right now.
He hits a queue of traffic so as I go past I shout at him something along the lines of “use your f__king eyes” and carried on, then I hear him yelling a load of abuse at me out of the window. for some reason rather then carry on I slammed on the brakes and rolled back and repeated my advice (I was really pissed off and nearly having been run over) then he starts coming out with all sorts of threats etc. At this point I just shook my head and rode off, end of story I thought - he’s in the traffic and I’m on my way home.

Problem was, I was so fired up with adrenalin that my attention was useless, and twice I nearly slammed into the back of the cars in front.

Next time I will make an extra effort to try and ignore these [email protected] - he ended up putting my life at risk in more ways than one.

/rant over - sorry, had to get it off my chest

I had two of those yesterday. First, a woman changing lanes on the A12, nearly running me into the divider in the middle. She did not even realise what she did, so my gestures were useless. The second one on the way home. Chap in his car nearly stopped at a set of green lights. He was using his mobile phone. Had a good shout at him at the next set of lights, together with another biker.

The last one was kind of fun actually. The poor guy looked rather scared in the end.

Simple ignore them. It happened to all of us and ignorance such a *******s is the only way to stay calm and not crazy.

I come across this kind of stuff daily, but usually I ignore them or beep then ride past shaking my head. Don’t know why I reacted to strongly today though, probably cos he scared the sh1t outta me with his maneuver.

I suppose what p1ssed me off most is the fact that that incident indirectly put me (and others) in danger for the rest of my journey.

Am gonna definitely take more of a chill pill from now on…

The girl I saw taken off by a car at Oval this morning was arguing with a driver at the Stockwell lights few minutes earlier. I did wonder whether the two were connected.

agreed - you’ll see more of this to come-day in, day out, so let’s get used to it & TRY to move on.
we’re better than them.

I used to arguee with all the twats on the road but i can`t be bothered anymore.

It takes a lot of lip biting but in the end it’s really not worth it and can (at times) make things way much worse than it is.

I try and just laugh it off most of the time, I’m getting good at telepathy.

At the end of the day, they could hurt you and drive off and never get caught, leaving us injured or worst case dead!

We are far better than any of these plebs so don’t lower yourself, words don’t hurt as much as a broken limb and broken bike

I try my best to do the thing which pisses them off more than anything else in the whole world…leave them behind.

Yeah, best to ignore them, but it’s hard not to react - my pet hate, especially on dry, sunny days is when you drop in behind a car whose ever so considerate driver then decides now is the time to clean the windscreen…Grrrrrrrrrrr …and breathe

or do what i used to on my old 50cc get in front of them and slow down they hated that just keep a note of there plate incase they realy dont give a **** about your life i had alsorts people trying to cut me up trying to ram me to make me go faster one even tryed to drive past me IN MY LANE then when he was past me indercated to go into my lane my comment was something along the line of your already in my F**King lane hoot hoot hoot.

i think the funnyest one to this day was my old freind john i was on the back with my dad (back in the day) and john was argueing with a man who cut him up so the bloke got in front and kept slamming the breaks on so my mate up’ed on one wheel and drove straight over the car never seen something so funny in my life.

Sorry my spell check not working!!

i used to be an aggresive rider it takes one person, learn by a few peoples mistakes on LB and just be greatfull you wasnt injured etc. breath in count to ten and have a great ride.

Or… You could stock up on cheap disc locks like one member does…lol

cheap disc locks and a pickle sandwich.

… yeah but don’t get caught

Do I hate stories that begin “… minding my own business…”

They’re almost as bad as “Once upon a time…”

Wind on the gas next time… no overtake = no cut up

It doesn’t work so well on a bike as a car driver can’t see your face, but I find what annoys an aggressive driver more than anything else is if you respond to their red-faced, foul-mouthed fury with a beaming grin and a friendly wave.

Ended up behind a car at a narrow one-direction-only-controlled-by-traffic-lights kinda thing, lights green, car in front not moving. Warm day, window open. I mumble (loudly) something along the lines of “this week would be good.” I didn’t swear, didn’t call him what I thought he was or comment on his parentage, just dripped a bit of sarcasm. Driver storms out of car, demands to know what my problem is, shakes fist, suggests I use my eyes (!) and nearly busts a gut. I suggest he could do with using his, seeing as the lights were green and maybe some anger management lessons might come in handy, all with a smile on my face. Lights change, then change again. He drives off. Next traffic lights I again slow down behind him and give him a friendly smile and a cheery wave before I turn right while he waits in the traffic stream to go straight on. Could nearly hear the explosion behind me as he waited in the jam.

Ok, I suppose I shouldn’t have continued to wind him up but honestly, some people really do need to learn how to CHILL.

Sadly, when they don’t, and there’s a bike involved, poor biker inevitably comes off worse.

So if any of you were splatted by a car that afternoon (some time in April - you know, the day we had summer 2007) I humbly apologise.