Reacting to agressive [email protected] drivers

if only life with other people were so simple as to hope they can learn to control their anger and that you can ever have the hope of helping them with that!

Alas you really don’t know what day they are having, how they normally drive or what they may be on. I had a very troubling episode awhile back that made me think I was going to be shot. And all for hooting.

This is the funny thing, probably the very worst thing you can possibly do is blow your horn. I find people instantly react and usually on the defence. They don;t like it.

However it does have the desired with alerting someone to you, that is others on the road so I’d go with that rather than shouting.

But each day is new and we have no idea what or who lies round that bend or which bend they are round! I’d avoid troubling anyone if at all possible as they may be very high and have no idea what they are doing and worse still have a shooter in their glove box.

I met someone the other day who was the image of Toni Soprano, now would you mess with him?