Re-home problem dog

My daughter brought home a dog an adult dog in the New Year. I expressed my concerns to my ex at the time but the dog was fine months until my daughter got a second dog. Its an adolescent and as warned, this has changed the dynamics in the house and along with inexperienced handling of the dogs, the 1st dogs character has evolved from a lovely gentle dog with everyone to now sometimes being very aggressive to strangers and other dogs.

They’ve looked into training and re-homing the dog without much success, my daughter might let them both go if they went together, but I suspect this may be part of the problem.

I’m looking for a possible solution here, not a debate about the wrongs and rights of dog ownership. If anyone can offer something that will spare an animal a one way trip to the vet, please let me know.

Sounds like the second one upset the first one and yes you are right, keeping them together is not the way to go. The best man for this job is Asbo, he’ll be able to advise with professional expertise.

i rather ignore the fact that you are going to consider killing an innocent animal just because it doesnt suits your needs, for your own benefit.
i think your family is not suited to have animals at all so please give them to the animal shelter and stay away from pets from now on. and if you think i’m kidding, i’m not.

What breed of dogs are they Sneaky? Which one are you looking to rehome, the first or the second?

£50 each down China town George.

Where did she get the 2nd dog? Can it be sent back? Obviously it’s not a product but if it came for a dog breeder that’s a possibility. I lodged in a house where the owner had 3 jack Russels, a mother and 2 puppies. The situation quickly became un manageable when the puppies became adolescents so they were rehomed with friends.

Also it’s not going to be easy but when the situation is resolved have a word with your daughter about bringing animals home because it’s actually very irresponsible behaviour.

Without getting into the moral discussion… I think you should try harder with both dogs and train them properly before they cause serious trouble. They can be trained and socialized, but you have to show the animals who is in charge and what happens when they get out of control. And perhaps it should be your daughters task to do so.

Firstly SilverR6 they’re not my dogs and the decisions being considered are not mine. Secondly, there’s a bit of a clue in “They’ve looked into training and re-homing the dog without much success”. So far shelters and dog trainers have been unable or unwilling to help.

Regardless of the dogs life or death the number one consideration has to be everyone’s safety (my kids foremost as far as I am concerned). There have been decisions made within a family. That family realise that they’re are in trouble and are now seeking to do what they can to rectify their error. If all else fails the dog dies, do you think anyone wants that?

WildBoy, yes, this was my position when I found out that the first dog had arrived. The same again when the second arrived, but the situation has now come full circle and its considered that I wasnt just being a kill-joy expressing my concerns.

The bottom line is that my children nor my ex do not posses the necessary skills to own either of these dogs, nor any other dog tbh. There lies the problem.

Erm, so anyway… Moving on…

What breed of dogs are they?
Where are they based?
As Joby asked, can the pup go back to it’s breeder?
Is the pup young enough to be trained for guide dogs or hearing dogs?
How old is your daughter - can she go on handler training?
Have they looked at Battersea Dogs Home?

When you say they have looked into rehoming and training without much success, could you elaborate on that? Where did they advertising for rehoming?
Did they try at the vets? Did they advertise in local pet shops?
Where did they look for training? Are they prepared to pay for evening classes? Maybe Daughter takes one and Mum takes the other and train together? There are evening classes in South Woodford in the Church Hall.
Do they actually want the dogs if the conditions are right? What is the background of the older dog? Was it from an abusive home before? How old is it?

I can’t take either - I have a cat. But if we had a bit more actual facts it would make asking around a bit easier. My neighbour is thinking of getting a dog, not sure how serious she is, but I can ask.

The younger dog is now 1yr old. not sure where either dog came from.
Daughter is 16, meant to be studying for A-Levels.
Apparently best training place they have found (thats financially affordable) is in Brentwood. This starts at 7pm and getting there looks to be an issue. We can collect only. I believe Battersea has been considered.
They’re both crossbreads. I heard today the dog they’re having issues with could be Rhod/Ridge-Back Mastiff, but I doubt its big enough to be part Mastiff, the other is also meant to be part Mastiff but its build is very slim. I may be mistaken but I believe all the Mastiff breads to be the size of a sideboard?
The dogs are in Romford.

Sneaky, am I right in thinking you don’t live in the same house? Is there any chance you could take one and re-introduce them in a non territorial environment?

It’s a bit late tonight but I’ll ask my neighbour tomorrow.


I don’t think a vet will put a dog to sleep,just because you don’t want it anymore…makes me sad people think this way​:confounded::confounded::confounded:

Rhodesians have a bad side to them, if they are crossed with a mastiff they could be very temperamental, my sons karate teacher is a very good dog trainer and lives in Hornchurch/romford, she deals with large breeds. I’ll have a word with her and see if your daughter can go to see her

Have they definitely tried The Dogs Trust?

I feel v sad for these animals, Some positive action here is what’s needed and fair play coming on to ask for advice. I have spent time at Battersea dogs home this year and have 1 or 2 connections there , I ll speak to them today see what the suggestions are.

Dogs trust would be my first port of call

Marmablade, that sounds interesting. Although dont think my family are capable of pulling this together its got to be considered. Jetstream, they have been in contact with DT are meant to be going back to them.
Thanks Firo


"Sneaky, am I right in thinking you don’t live in the same house? Is there any chance you could take one and re-introduce them in a non territorial environment?

It’s a bit late tonight but I’ll ask my neighbour tomorrow."

Thats correct, I dont live with them.
I cant have a dog where I live and even if I could, I wouldn’t have a dog, I dont have the lifestyle required.

Regarding your neighbour, this dog is not safe in a general environment. It needs a very experience owner, preferably somewhere out of the way.

I love all pets, I’ve kept a dog (my ex’s), a goat, pigeons, fan-tailed doves, Jack Daws, chickens, 2 breads of pheasants, ducks, terrapins, fish, ferrets, a polecat and more. So when I say something about pet ownership I do have a bit of an idea of what I’m talking about.