RBLR Running Update

A few of you have asked to be kept informed of how our LB members are doing this weekend with the Iron Butt ride. Those who have my number are going to text with updates of their times and positions for me to add here (if I’m awake) :smiley: Friday…Signing on in the evening at the Start point.

13.00 TDJ & Jetstream left the Ace to make their way to the start point at Squires Cafe-Leeds.

16.30 Both arrive at Squires and are signing on.

nice one Ang :slight_smile:

Rob C:19 June 21:30 - Well three of us have made it to Squires Cafe for the pre-ride briefing! Not sure abt Capt Blue?
More updates as we go :slight_smile: Rod York: good luck everyone- im on a black Fazer, as is my wife- with a BMW enduro - give us a wave!- we are heading N clockwise

21.44 - Marks just text, met up with Rob C and he thinks they have spotted Cpt Blue

So if you have that’s 5 of our lot up there ready to go :w00t:Cpt Blue: 260 miles to get here. Supping a Magners at the hotel then bed lol

kool!, go on the boys! :slight_smile:

what bike did mark end up taking Ang?

Cracking idea for the updates:)

Go the Iron-Arse Massive! :smiley:

Had a text about 7.30, the guys were waiting for the 8am start.

10.30 - Mark called, heading towards Edinburgh.

He took the old mans bike in the end, the Pan :smiley:

well sounds like the right bike for the job!:slight_smile:

Still reckon he should have used the Busa as he will have legs like these after riding that old mans Pan for a 1000 miles! :smiley:



13.30 - Mark & Chris have done check point 2 at Edinburgh - 320 miles and are on their way to Inverness.

Stonking average :cool:

Thanks for the updates Ang, good to hear they are progressing well.

Ang, pass a message on to Mark when you speak to him, tell him Tiggi says good luck cheater lol :stuck_out_tongue:

17.20 - HALF WAY

516 miles done, they are just leaving Wick for the homeward leg, seen captn blue at Wick so he’s ok.

They are definitely making good time. Pass on my hello’s when they next check in.

Fair play to them they are def making good time, dare i say its going to start getting tough mentally now though so big respect to all and hope everyone makes it back safe.

Send them all my best wishes Ang.

Reckon you could do a sponsored ride around a 1000 garages Pj…bet you would even get into triple figures on the mileage :D:D:D

send them my regards Ang and thanks for the updates they are doing well :slight_smile:

Saturday 22.52 - 803 miles under their belts, they are heading into Glasgow. Cptn Blue is somewhere ahead of them. Marks wrists are aching, looks like he didn’t train enough ;):smiley:

I’m heading to bed, told him not to wake me up as I need my beauty sleep :hehe:

TDJ and Jetstream finished in 19.55mins 1098 Miles

Well done to you both. Bet you guys could sleep for a week now:D

Well done guys i bet it was nice and comfy, and on a Ducati:D

Can’t wait to hear about the journey, good bits, bad bits, the overall feeling when you finished. Fantastic work.