RBLR Running Update

Woohooo well done, its amazing at what you oldies can achieve. Thanks for not waking me up :smiley: I’ll see you later with your prize, oh and Happy Fathers Day xx

Well done you guys:)

When done guys, know the times for anyone else?

Well done folks.:slight_smile:

Well done you guys :smiley:

You did great the pair of you :smiley: Well done :cool:

Bet you wont be able to walk by Wednesday :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know captn blue DNF 130 miles from the finish with a puncture.

Rob was last seen by mark and chris on his way to wick and the boys were at the bottom end finishing it.

That’s a shame for CaptainBlue, so far and to be waylaid with by a puncture. :frowning:

Update from this AM:

TDJ & Mr Jetstream were due to have lunch at Squires at 12.00 and were planning “a scenic route” back!!

Hopefully he’s coming to pick me up on the way so we’ll be at the Ace later.


Just setting off back to Leeds to collect my shower gel from the Travelodge! :smiley:

On a serious note, thanks for all the good wishes, 90% of it was great, the weather was kind and the midges didn`t attack until after we had dispatched Glencoe with “extreme prejudice”.

Thanks to the two Glaswegian policemen for the ten minutes of utter comfort on the back seat of their BMW, saved another stop and reminded me how comfy a seat should be! Well worth the £60 accomodation fee.:w00t:

Special thanks to Mark for his sterling work as tailgunner and for reconfirming my ambivalence to sat navs:):stuck_out_tongue:

Last i heard Captn Blue was hoping to get a temp repair on the punture so he could finish according to Paddy, but i didnt hang around after finishing in 22hrs dead with a very numb butt, aching shoulders, but the ST was a dream all the way round.

Nice to see Mark & Chris could still stand at the Ace earlier.

Chris surely wins some kind of ‘midge busting’ award!



Looks like a case of mass murder!

You should have seen it before it was cleaned a few times:w00t:

What you or the helmet? :smiley:

Very well done … even if that is only a small dent in the Scottish midge population!

Well done to both of you, dont care what you ride that on its still no walk in the park whatever the size bench you have.

+1 reconfirming my ambivalence to sat navs

Shame for Captain slow leak, so near

Had a really good trip a real challenge, started counting down the miles in 100 mile sections then by the end every 10 miles done was a bonus. Thanks to Chris for the company and going in front to clear the deer out of the way. We did get split up in Glasgow as Chris went for a chat with the local traffic police. I carried on as I didn’t see the point of them writing out two tickets, they have enough paperwork to do as it is. :DMet Chris again about 200 miles later so we could ride over the 1000 mile barrier together. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait until next year. :smiley:















Well done both of you, whats with joining dayglo dereks massive or is that a Pan thing now mark ? Great pix as well :slight_smile:

Well done lads…!

How much did the bizzies set you back mr. jetstream?

Kev’s going to be asking you where you got your day-glo’s from… i think they’re a bit brighter than his… :smiley: