RBLR 1000 2014

RBLR 1000 2014

June 20/21/22

This will be the 6th running of this event.

This is a great day out and a really challenging and rewarding ride.

Anyone up for this.

I will be riding a Suzuki SV650s

Check out the RBLR Website for more info. http://rblr1000.co.uk/

1000 Miles in 24 Hours Iron Butt SS1000 Certificate.

1000 Miles in 36 Hours Royal British Legion Certificate.

1000 miles is 1000 miles, however on home soil seems less daunting than 1000 miles through say Africa. So yeah, I’d be up for this :ermm:
What has been your approach is the past, i.e. when to head up to Squires, are you planning on a particular route this year?

I normally head up on the Friday afternoon get the signing on out of the way, there is also a riders briefing in the evening. :slight_smile:
This year I am doing North Clockwise Route A. I prefer the northern routes as it gives you a chance to ride in Scotland. :slight_smile:
Plan your route plan your fuel stops then ride your plan. The ride can be done in 24hours without busting your balls just don’t waste time on long stops.

Just waiting to see if I can get a pass , and if me wingman is around !!

Couldn’t you wait until we got the Elephant and dragon out of the way first :slight_smile:

I’ll try not to break any bones this time

Mark are you not banned from this event for making it look too easy?

Driven and seen a good part of the south so north does sound more appealing.

Closer to the time I might get you to cast an eye over my route plan at BM one night :Whistling:
If Jobys’ comment is anything to go on!

Both of those events involve camping so don’t interest me. :smiley:

I’ve got boss permission. Temptation may win this time.


^^^^^^ thought we already had a Blade member on here ???

how many hours are you hoping to do it in this time Mark ?

i have wanted to do it for the last 2 years first year i was on a 125 and didn’t think i would make it to the start point on my 2 banger 125 haha this year i had my crash so im 101% in for next year.

hopefully ill have a new bike or im doing it on my ntv hehe

That’s the part that puts me off too, although I did do three Dragons back in '72, '73 & '75, leaving all that to the young guns now :wink:

Hotel booked. :slight_smile:

are you still doing it on the SV? Or on the new bike?

SV if I haven’t sold it. :slight_smile:

Registered and hotel booked :slight_smile:

Same route as last year Northern Anticlockwise with a revised re-fueling plan to avoid the Inverness Tesco Service Slip Road :w00t:

This years goalsEarly start, remember where I leave my keys the night beforeComplete the route without an offAvoid close encounters with oncoming riders (especially A99 towards Wick ;)Back before midnight

Errrrrrrrm - No but i am easily influenced. It cant piss it down as much as it did last year - and we still managed to get in before midnight.

Entry confirmed and excepted :slight_smile:


My Do Dah Dalton pack arrived a couple of weeks ago :wink:

Who has booked?


Anyone else :ermm:

Timmy Fox
DTR Ross

Here’s the Northern Route showing the preferred route by Glasgow avoiding Loch Lomand, Central Glasgow, Govan, Rab C Nesbitt and The Two Ways Inn. Go whichever way round takes your fancy.

1020+ miles depending which mapping source you’re looking at

Googlie Maps do dah here