racism or a valid reason ?

i didn’t really quite catch on what the officer was talking about .

what do you think anyway from what you see?.



1 - Its America so it could be that they were genuinely arresting her…although that is a really scary thoguht - YOu can hear an older woman’s voice in the background saying, “no its alright go ahead…” or similar


2 - It could be a school policy to scare kids into behaving well. They misbehave too often and the local bill are called in to “cuff em” and scare em… hoping that that will terriofy them into behaving well instead of going downt he path of a life of crime. America’s full of that kind of mind-**** thinking - like the county where a sheriff allegedly said EVERYONE had to carry a gun, cos if everyone knew each other was armed, they’d be less likely to pull a gn out and threaten someone…mmmm great logic.

Who knows…either way that’s some pretty nasty way to treat a child

there can never be a valid reason for handcuffing a 5 year old, but Toby could be right with the mind games thing

Tough to make a call on something like this without context…


No way is that right.

Scare tactics or not.

I HATE people that come out with lines like “theres a policeman, he’ll take you away if your not good” and similar stupid lines…

Children of that age MUST understand police officers are adults they can trust…

the last thing you need is to lose a child in a Town centre and that child won’t go to a Copper because it’s been whitewashed into thinking coppers are nasty people…

If you can’t deal with a 5 yr old then you need to have a long hard look at yourself before the child…

Children need to feel comfortable approaching Police Officers.

Exactly what he said !

That is so true about the trust…children do need to be shown police are there to help you.

But again, it’s completely out of context. The officer said ‘do you remember me?’ and ‘I’m gonna tell your mum I’m going to put the handcuffs on you’…so we don’t know anything about what happened before, or after.

Like it’s already been said, it’s a tough call.

I think what makes it worse, it the child crying - that always makes it stressful.

Erm, in the title to this thread the word racism is used… why??? Its just yank coppers doing what they do best…overkill.

When I was a nurse I had to restrain several ‘children’ for lots of reasons - sometimes it was very obvious what was going on - the child was losing it and was a threat to themselves and everyone around them, other times it was less clear cut, a situation where the child had been sectioned for example… Lot’s of reasons for this to have happened, we simply don’t know what was going on.

You’re quite right about kids not being brought up to be scared of coppers though - bang on correct. A little respect could be instilled though!

A tad OTT… but we do not know the reason why this was done, all we saw was it going on… It might well be that the mother requested it as a scare tactic - we do not have all the information in the clip to determine that.

Also don’t agree with the race card being played in this thread… who’s to say if it had been a caucasian/asian/whatever child this would not have happened in the same circumstance?

Its not Racism - its SICK!

Not a single reason I can think of that a 5 yr old would need to be put through that much stress!

Not the best way of disciplining a child unfortunately, her mother is obviously trying to scare her which is the wrong way to go about things

My guess is that child will never be able to open up around people in uniform when she is older

no valid reason for handcuffing a 5yr, poor child must be traumatised, what happened to days when you were sent to a corner

From CBS news:


CBS/AP) An attorney says he plans legal action against St. Petersburg (Fla.) police officers who handcuffed an unruly 5-year-old girl after she acted up in her kindergarten class.

A video camera, which was rolling March 14 as part of a teacher’s classroom self-improvement exercise, captured images of the girl tearing papers off a bulletin board, climbing on a table and punching an assistant principal before police were called to Fairmount Park Elementary School.

Then it shows the child appearing to calm down before three officers approach, pin her arms behind her back and put on handcuffs as she screamed, “No!”

Largo, Fla., lawyer John Trevena, who provided the tape to the media after obtaining it from police, says the officers went too far.

“The image itself will be seared into people’s minds when you have three police officers bending a child over a table and forcibly handcuffing her,” said Trevena, who represents the girl’s mother, Inga Akins. “It’s incomprehensible. …There was no need for that.”

“Certainly, she shouldn’t have been arrested,” Trevena told The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith Monday. “There is certainly a better way of dealing with this situation. …The educators have available to them a number of resources: special counseling, alternative classes, special education. This girl should have been evaluated. She was identified as having problems. This child shouldn’t be in the regular class if there was a problem.”

Police declined to comment, citing an official complaint by Akins that has sparked an investigation by the supervisor of the four officers who were present. Two are new officers who were being trained that day.

Spokesman Bill Proffitt said the investigation would be complete in about two weeks and the findings would be made public.

The 30-minute tape shows assistant principal Nicole Dibenedetto trying repeatedly to calm down the girl, who ignores her commands and begins punching her. The child’s mother was called, but wasn’t able to immediately come to the school.

After placing the child in the back of a police cruiser, police released her to her mother when prosecutors informed them they wouldn’t bring charges against a 5-year-old.

“You have to look at the whole history in this case,” Trevena told Smith. “Apparently, there had been a previous conflict between the mother, the assistant principal, who you see in the video, and the child. And the mother’s convinced that it was really just a personality conflict between the child and the assistant principal.”

Why do the mother and Trevena plan to sue?

"Unfortunately, with our system of civil justice, the way that we handle these matters, is you have to sue someone in order to get reform. …To get the reform, you have to make them pay, because if you don’t make them pay, they’re never going to reform themselves. If they don’t have to pony up, there never will be any change.

“The amount is unspecified at this point. We really are going to have to have the girl thoroughly evaluated by professionals to see what long-term damage is going to come of this. Clearly she was traumatized. …She’s doing well in her new class. But we’re concerned about the long-term effects of this.”

Interview requests by The Early Show were denied by both St. Petersburg police and school officials.

that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard

when I watched the clip I thought her mother had called the police as some sort of draconian disciplinary measure

The officers are just as dumb for putting handcuffs on a 5 year old (the two rookies should be fired for not having the ability to think for themselves)

I didn’t grow up in england and i got that sort of treatment for letting down car tyres as a kid and it does work!!! kids should be afraid of the police cause kids these days in england know there rights and and dont care anymore they spit at police and old ladies, steal, vandalise and give **** to the police. I’m all in favour harder tactics should be used!

Children need to be taught respect. It’s easy to take it for granted that most of us were brought up well, but some children don’t have a chance because they have c*nts as parents. Actions shown in the video will do nothing but make a child resent authority as they (mentally) scar easily at that age.

and how would you suggest that be done!

How would I teach a child respect? Well I would lead by example, instill it from a young age. A child is only a prduct of it’s environment afterall.

i was raised on an american airforce base myself…with military police to deal with…and i also had this kind of treatment aswell…

infact…i remember being yelled at quite servearley by an MP once (drill instructor jobbie) and it put the fear of god into me…i was afraid of the police so much that i kept away from them…but yet…i still knew that if i was in any danger…i could turn to one of them in an instant…

i dont agree with the handcuffs…but being afraid of the law is a dam good thing…these kids around here are near on out of control and a good old stripping down would sort em out no end…

just my opinion…