putting the feelers out for a SM trackday at charlton INDOOR kart track!

well well well, after the other SM trackday post running in this thread i thought i’d give the charlton raceway another go and phoned them http://www.theraceway.com/default.aspx

just spoke to a helpful guy there who may be open to letting a load of us well behaved SM types using his circuit for a few hours. he wants me to come to him with an idea of numbers, the kind of bikes (2 stroke or 4 stroke) as he has to bear the whole emissions thing in mind and also when we would like to do it. they basically don’t allow bikes as a rule but as he says if it’s a case of earning extra decent money, then it’s all good. the track is 750 metres long and has an average lap time of 46-50 seconds so it sounds bloody perfect!

now all we need to do is a get a good number of us interested. money talks so the more of us and the more we’re prepared to pay, the more likely it is to happen. i’ve got some numbers in my head but who’d be interested and how much would you be prepared to pay? he mentioned a time slot of 2 hours but this could easily be expanded, but hypothetically, how much would you be prepared to pay for 2 hours of indoor kart track track-time?

there’s a few other people i know who i’m pretty sure would be all over this so what d’ya reckon?! no maybes etc, we need people that are definitely interested in this to make sure there’s no dicking about…

Great news! I am definitely up for it, will check with mates and confirm but possibly 4-5 bikes.

Will post it on SMF too.

Did he indicate what days / times that would be possible?
What price is it for karts per hour?

Good stuff fella. He wouldn’t discuss prices with me as I couldn’t give him any decent info. He said it all depends on how many, when we wanna do it etc. Once I can give him a good idea of numbers I reckon he’ll be ready to crunch some figures.

No doubt peg sliders will be a must for all bikes. Dunno about catch tanks. Will find all that out. It’s still a long shot but if we can get 10-15 of us together we may be in business. It has the potential to be an epic little session!

Sounds good :slight_smile:


found this pricing info (for karts) here… http://www.uk-go-karting.com/track-details-128/The+Raceway+Docklands.htm

some footage of the track on youtube. how f*cking cool does this place look!?

we HAVE to make this happen. let’s get some people together. where’s all the mob that used to come on here?? dhofty and that fella with the rotting bike! :P;)

I would be up for it, date depending

I tell you what boys, this has really made me want to get a supermoto now.

Is there an older / cheaper model of trail bike or something I could convert? I love a good project bike…

I dunno, some sort of old 2-stroke honda maybe? Fit road wheels on and a few other bits?


im down =] hopefully will be on my 230 smoker but if thats not all done then 125 smoker it is haha one thing that low part looks pritty low now it looks like im going to become headless rideing that lol

Sooooo… Moto have you had any extra takers? Dreise will include you in the numbers. Ross etc, is that a yes or what? We need def numbers only, no halfway houses.

I put it up on the husky forum but only bloody Americans have replied!? Maybe will put it on supermoto junkie. We really need numbers to make this happen people! Gotta go back to him on Monday so would be good to have a firm idea of what we’ve got…

Yes count me in 100% :cool: best to fit catch tanks and peg sliders and maybe keep bikes as quiet as possible so dont put them off letting us go another time. catch tank can be as low-tech as a plastic drink bottle… i dont do low-tech so got some nice alloy ones :smiley:

If this is the one I’m thinking off, it’s pretty good as it has tarmac. Most indoor cart tracks are concrete. It’s pretty tight though, which is nice, but there could probably not be too many bikes on track at the same time. Maybe split it up in 2 groups and 20 or 30 minute sessions.

Sounds good to me and maybe give a few seconds gap between each rider going on the track to help space them out better. as long as there is no big spills or bikes falling over the tyre walls then i hope it could be a regular thing:cool:
ad thanks for looking into this:)

No worries fella. My pleasure. Not enough options for SM track action round our way. Plus indoor is the way forward.

Being an SM newbie where do the catch tanks have to go/be fed from? My husky, unusually, stays dry as a bone.

Will do some totting up on Monday then give our man a bell. Will hopefully be able to work something out. Sounds like we’ll be looking at 10 tops so group size shouldn’t be a problem unless some of us are really slow. Then we’ll use some nurburgring rules if so.

Oh, yeah it’s tarmac and check the link for track footage. This place is perfect! Plus they do lap timing etc for those that are interested. If we get on with em well this could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

from the carb and rad is all is needed. oil breather are usually run up to the airbox so no need to bother

That is good idea, baffles in for the first time :slight_smile:

Three of us 100% and three more 50% (date, price depending).

Posted on SMF -> http://www.supermotoforum.co.uk/trackdays-rideouts/67326-sm-%40-charlton-raceway-indoor-go-karting-circuit.html but no response yet…

I hope there will be few interested when they read about it, when back from racing at Rednal this weekend.

Oh cool. I’m FI plus my rad breathes to my frame. Fook knows where that exits! She’ll be good. No baffle option on my pipe but passed a 95 test no probs. Everyone loves a husky anyways :wink:

Racers?! Shite! Maybe I’ll just take pics! Let’s try and firm it up Monday morn then I’ll drop our man a line. Money’ll talk at the end of the day rather than numbers so as logn as we’re prepared to put our hands in our pockets… Gotta be worth it, just hope this comes off now…

SM forever! x

Ok guys, if it’s a weekend I’m likely to be able but have to get the rims fixed on my SM first… been saying it for a long time so when I’ll get it done, who knows… :slight_smile:

Also have no idea what peg sliders are or catch tanks :smiley:

Lets make this happen guys, just give me time to get a new front tyre fitted first.

Cheap universal crash protectors;