putting the feelers out for a SM trackday at charlton INDOOR kart track!

oh cool I have the crash bobbins but they are slightly used :smiley:

will get some footrest protectors If I’m sure of coming!

I’d be up for this too.
Tho noise levels could be a problem, not sure a Silmotor baffle exists!!!

good stuff people. right here is the def list (date pending):

motodrb +3(?)
dtr ross
mad dog

anything i’ve missed please correct list above. i take it we’re all on 4 strokes apart from you ross? sorry for excluding anyone else but you sounded a bit 50-50 :stuck_out_tongue: if you think this will change please let me know asap.

so if i’ve read moto’s post right there’s at least 9 of us. i reckon i know someone else who will be up for this so that would make it 10. should be a decent number to work with. i’ve got no idea how much this bloke is expecting us to raise for a 2 hour slot but £100 a head i would’ve thought was reasonable. let me know if that scares anyone off, but i’ll let him make the first move anyway. fingers crossed he isn’t asking silly money. will keep you all posted and consult you when he hits the ball back!


Well what did they say?:smiley:

still no reply :angry: no news is good news? :ermm: will post up soon as i know :slight_smile:

still no news. i’ll give him a bell tomorrow and see what he’s saying :doze:

I might be up for this depending on when it is and whether I have my bike back together in time - is there a dB limit?

there isn’t even an event at the moment :hehe:

yeh £100 each is what i was thinking, don’t really want to go much above that tbh!

I am sure there will be more people interested when we know the date, should be even cheaper then :cool:

if he’s up for it and wants me to make the first move i will start negotiations off at £800 for the 2 hours. this is consistent with their kart pricing but they will be better off as no wear and tear to the karts and equipment and no fuel cost to them. then i suppose we’ll see where it goes. i will cap it at £1000 working on the premise that 10 of us actually do it and it’s £100 each.

this is still a bit of a long shot so don’t get your hopes up too much chaps but i will try as hard as a i can to wangle us the opportunity. if it’s all cool we will have to come to decision regards group size and stick to it. more numbers means cheaper but it could also mean less track time or more frustration on track with traffic etc. i would’ve thought 10-12 people would be tops operating on a 2 groups of 6 basis, orientated around skill level. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. they sound pretty by the book there and there may be limitations with having a load of petrol motorcycles buzzing round the place.

as soon as i have some info i will post up :slight_smile:

Nice work mate.

Failing that, I have a load of cones and know of a massive empty carpark :slight_smile:


right just got off the phone to one of the team at the raceway. the are currently speaking to their insurers and will come back to me monday next week. in the meantime we discussed a few things and the details are as follows:

£1200 for 2 hours :ermm: (i’d still pay my share due to how wicked this is likely to be)
no 2 stroke bikes (sorry ross)
first available weekend dates are saturday 8th december at 4pm or sunday 9th december at 7pm

i’ve asked him to specify limits regards group size etc (obviously if we can get 12 of us together it’ll be £100 each) and he will discuss that with me once they’ve spoken to their insurers. so… no definite news yet but at least they’re taking it seriously, looking into it properly and if they say yes, it will mean yes!

fingers crossed again and i’ll post up monday hopefully :slight_smile:

fair play mate no worry’s lol

So ideally 12 people or so we need, I reckon we can do it!

I’ve not got much hope for the insurers allowing it though :unsure: , was kinda hoping it’d be an off the record thing where was all just sign a disclaimer and have some real fun.

yeah i know what you mean. still, on the plus side if the solicitors say yes then it opens the door for regular sessions there. it also shows that everything else, in principle is ok and they’re just looking in to the legalities of it. i’m still hopeful, and quietly excited. one of these a month could seriously keep the winter biking blues away!

Can not wait :cool:

Few more interested at SMF http://www.supermotoforum.co.uk/trackdays-rideouts/67326-sm-%40-charlton-raceway-indoor-go-karting-circuit.html#post292403

I think it’s awesome news. I would pay £100 for 2 hours on track in the weekend. We should haggle on price though. I went go-karting there through groupon, which was very cheap, so it must be that they’re looking for business.
However, I can’t do those dates. I just had a back operation and I’ll be out of action for at least until the end of the year. So if you get it arranged, I hope it goes well and there’s more in the new year!!

Just be careful that he doesn’t mean a 2hr session without stops - so if you stop you’re eating into your time… I would make sure that he includes however many stops you need (i.e. sessions of 20mins?) :slight_smile: