Project Bros 400

My old 1988 Honda Bros 400 has been sitting on my brother’s driveway for the past 6 years, and i have 2 weeks of isolation, so figured I’d try and use it to get the bike going again. Using this thread to motivate me to actually do it, and bug people for help.

The bike is (unsurprisingly) in quite poor condition. It wasn’t exactly amazing condition when i parked it. Current plan is to get it road worthy, MOT’d and ride it, then I can make a better plan of whats going to happen with it.

So far I’ve cleaned the carbs, changed the oil and managed to get it running.

The tank is full of crap, so need to work out how to properly clean that out (was running with a fuel line off of another bike’s tank). Ive taken the petcock off, and run a bunch of water through it to clear the sediment, and there was lots, but i need to find something to actually attack it with.

Also having some fun electrical faults to hunt down, like the fuel pump not going when its meant to, and it not starting on the button at the moment, but I’ll get to those.


Cafe racer?
Show off the sss?

im not sure yet, plan is to get it back onto the road and then see where to go from there.
I want to show off the sss, as anyone with one should, not sure how im doing this yet though. Ive seen some right side exhausts before, but they are custom jobbies so might not happen.

That’d look really nice, simply without the rear footpeg hangers and with a seat hump.

Love a good rebuild thread :nerd_face:

Same! Nice one @Boris and good effort so far!

I think I’ve seen some real nice customs made from them. I’ll have a look through my coffee table custom bikes book.

How about futuristic retro?

i think youre overestimating my skills, plus theres too much on the forks.

I have found someone who makes seat cowls, huggers and belly pans (and replacement plastics), so i have that option if i go the sensible route.

also need someone to make replacement BROS stickers for the tank, only to say BORIS instead.


Oh yeah, that’s gotta be done :slight_smile:

Just be mindful people might think you’re referring to a different Boris and might abuse the poor thing!

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You mean, abuse it more?

Quite… The only person I know who could abuse more is me_groovy

Im not upto Me_Groovy levels of abuse, am I?

Looking good naked in the sun!

The fuse holder is melting, it’s also melting (not blowing) fuses! new starter solenoid time, and old connector replaced with crimps

I keep finding myself frustrated at past me, and the bodges I have done in the past. This was an attempt to stop the throttle moving around the bars after i dropped it.

This is the 3rd batch of what was in the water that came out of the tank

brake pistons are not good

This is the brake flud that came out of the rear brake, might need changing

£150 wemoto order, then still need to sort tyres and a chain.

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Looks much like my WR450 at the moment.

I don’t know what you’re planning for the seat but I’d recommend Stan the Leatherman [email protected] He did the most amazing recover of my 1993 Trident 900 seat (with an extra layer of gel too…). He also relined and repaired a really good leather jacket.
The picture is the of the seat 3 years later.


Thanks, the seat is definitely going to need something done to it

I think you need to pay homage to the duo with the same name… perhaps some sort of cover of the below photo?


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Finally got (most of) the parts from wemoto, feels like Christmas!

Calipers into the parts wash


Rear piston is too pitted to use, only one of the four front ones will move. But first to remove that stuck bleed nipple.

Oh cock

Double oh cock

A reservoir cap screw has seized too. The cost of fixing these brakes is getting close to that of fitting a cbr front end…


When will I, will I be finished…