Project Bros 400

Haynes Manual, “Remove reservoir cap.” Seams legit. Then, “Oh balls.”

Every restoration project is a case of you thinking it’ll be cheaper to do that it will be :slight_smile:

Good job though, keep the story going…

the plan was to not do the front end swap until I’ve ridden the bike and see how it behaves, then do it as to get better tyres, brakes and handling (if i want it).
it seems silly to pump a bunch of money into the front end if i then change it, but also silly to spend a couple of hundred on a front end thats not needed.

Thought this deserves an update now that I’ve managed to do a little more.

It now starts and idles off of it’s own battery and fuel tank!
It’s not idleing well, possible something to do with the choke plunger being seized on one side, and the other not fitted. Carbs now out to try and remove the seized side.

The shopping list is getting long, and I’m still too hesitant to buy the expensive things (like chain and sprockets or the exhaust). I’ve avoided totalling the cost of the parts I need as that’ll put me off.

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No worse a hobby for expense when compared to being a football fan or going clubbing.

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Fixed the leaky fork seals, kind of

Might need a better headlight bracket though


Were getting there!

New homes came with an ignition, counter sunk the bolts on the bracket the po made, and now my original ignition fits

Coming together now, new choke plungers fitted, and now it idles nicely. The collector is at least 50% exhaust putty, plan eventually is either a fuel can (still being made) or a custom made left exit, but that’s going to be expensive.
The eBay special headlight bracket doesn’t fit, so that’s cable ties for now, need a bracket for a 51mm fork.


excellent work sir!

Looking good mate!

Forgot to give the most exciting update, it passed an MOT!

The layer of exhaust putty fell off at some point, not sure if before or after the not, but it got an advisory for leaky exhaust and now theres a hike I can almost fit my fist into.

New exhaust should arrive tomorrow.

Bar end mirrors are on too, had only one mirror on the way to the not (on the left), as I thought that would work, it didn’t. Went in a thunderstorm too. Still no Speedo as I need to decide whats happening there.


were you wearing a speedo because of the storm… i think i read that wrong…


BRILLIANT! :slight_smile:

New rear tyre (I think essential fitted the last one), and exhaust pipe on. Sounds much nicer now. Could actually take it into the countryside for a little play too.

New bodywork has arrived and needs painting and the seat is getting worse, though this might have to wait as I’ve just decided to spend all my money on new off road gear instead.


Dunstable Downs?

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Well spotted!

Regular spot for me, I’m only up the road in Hemel

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I can confirm that it runs incase anyone is interested.