Praise - Almax Security Chains


Just ordered another Almax chain and Squires padlock for my new bike. It’s the third time I’ve ordered of Almax.

Spoke to Alex again who enquired whether I actually needed the padlock since I already have one and one of their ground anchors.

Although he would be doing himself out of a sale, he doesn’t want anyone buying what they don’t really need.

He also gave me some excellent advice about using a baby monitor with your bike, just in case a would be thief isn’t put off by the chain (which cannot be bolt cropped) and tries to attack it with an angle grinder.

Fantastic service, and he even gave me a discount because I’m a London Bikers member.

You can’t go wrong with these lot.

Much respect and recommendations. :slight_smile:


yeah i had the same when bought mine ( a while back mind).

wot i find funny is when it gets delivered, you dont realise how big the chains are if you have not seen 1 b4, lol. poor delivery guy.


I would love to get an Almax III but Alex advised it is too big to fit through my ground anchor - a Groundhog 6.

Has anyone managed to fit an Almax III through a Groundhog 6? I don’t want to buy and install a new anchor unless I really have to…


no good having a good anchor if the chain through it can be cut like butter big is groundhog 6? i am in se london if you wanna see size of almax series III.the III is big, fvck knows wot the iv is like, lol


i have the 19mm almax 2.1m long and 2 1/2 stone in weight:w00t: the thing is a monster


Thanks for the offer, Choprocker. I will measure the hole tomorrow am and get back to you.


Choprocker - would your Almax III chain fit through a 6 cm (2.4 inch) hole?
(please say yes, please say yes… :unsure: )


It’s only when you have seen Almax stuff that you realise what crap everything else is!



That’s as may be, but will an Almax III chain fit through a 6cm (2.4in) hole? :blink:


is your anchor a buried type? because a almax chain link is wide but also long, so feeding it through a curved ground anchor might be tricky.


Dhofty my ground anchor is one of these:




just measured my almax series IV. the link is 65mm wide but hopefuly the series III will be a thinner. also if your taking the chain with you on your travels its best to get a bigger anchor cos the one i have needs a bit of working through.


Thanks Dhofty, I appreciate your checking your IV. That is one serious chain you have there.

I am getting all excited now as according to the Almax website the III only needs a 58mm aperture, whereas my Groundhog is 60mm.

Not sure why Alex at Almax told me it wouldn’t fit. I will ring him again tomorrow (and probably have a sleepless night in the interim!) :hehe:


You might need to take that blue cover off - that might add a couple of millimetres and make it too snug to fit… :slight_smile:

If you want I could pop over with my chain at the weekend and we can see if it fits?


you sure they cant be bolt cropped…


almax are a quality company and their products top stuff
got 2x immob IV 19mm chains and the squire lock; massive bar stewards!

i have following cemented-in ground anchor, it takes the immob IV with a bit of room to spare but aint the cheapest option


no consumer chain can beat a powered bolt-cropper-thingymajig but they will draw more attention of course

by hand it would take too long according to many tests
although strangely almax dont consistently appear in group chain tests, i wonder if thats to do with not pandering to journalists requests for free products etc…? :wink:


Thanks for the kind offer, 5150. I rang Alex again and he agrees now it will fit the Groundhog 6 so I have ordered a 2-metre Series III with Squire lock.

I have until 12pm tomorrow to decide whether to accept a free Kriega US10 tailpack, or get a small discount.

Would anyone here be interested in buying a Kriega US10 off me for, say, £20? About to check Ebay to see if this is worth selling there…


that tail pack is very good, i use one all the time to lug an immob IV about the place

wait till you receive it before you decide to flog it as you may want to keep it


No worries. :slight_smile:

I agree, though - the tailpack is great.