Possible Greenlaning Adventure to Surrey coming soon...

Who’s interested?

We can then vet you as Serrisan is fussy :stuck_out_tongue:

Jason if you read this, ask Terry too mate!

They have to be female, blonde slim and tall… which means I’m going to be going greenlaneing on my own! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

im all of that criteria but not tall…damn

jeez you look very butch for a female… :stuck_out_tongue:


im down XD not on supermotos atm thou put knobbilys on for the snow haha allso u remember them trf lads we meet at boxhill im going down there with them on Saturday see if they can show me some new ones XD

ask Claire she wanted to come laneing when i tryed to set one up before Christmas XD

i am in for 99% :smiley:

it will be 100% when i tell Ross to fluck off :w00t:

I’m interested, depending on date.
As long as you don’t mind that I’ll be completely useless at it :smiley:

of course not! im no pro myself…plus i took Sneaky along…christ that man was err…AWESOME FUN!!!

Thats why we are doing it…FUN!

You clearly have not seen the video Lewis made for me… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made a pact with Lewis that the next time I will not come off… fat chance of keeping that but you live in hope!

I think we need to come up with some kind of ‘buying lunch’ forfeit when you come off! Or at least at the next petrol station you buy everyones petrol! hehe

…just out of curiosity what would be the possible date for the ride out? i haven’t riden almost all winter so getting a bit impatience :smiley:
maybe we could throw some dates so it would suit as many people as possible?

I would have gone tomorrow but i found this out today…


looks nasty :pinch:
hopefully u get it sorted quickly.
kind of makes me want to check my oil as well now.

I only did it cos i was bored and it was warmer outside. Paid my eldest step daughter to look after baby while i had some ‘bike time’ an hour later i was FCUKED! annoyed.com. Adz is hopefully gonna take me under his wing and sort it for me.

Then the fricking wooden ramp fell over onto Mels blade and scratched her panel! £300 for that! FFS. My day was shockingly sh1t

Glad its been found now when the bike was running well, sounding great and had no issues. Be alot worse if i had blown it whizzing round the M25 to Surrey Greenlanes!!!

I blame…Serrisan!


I do. It was your idea to both buy SMs and hoon around like idiots!

dam =[ hope u get it all sorted then we go and test it on the lanes XD