Possible Greenlaning Adventure to Surrey coming soon...

and of course you do know I very nearly ended up with your bike… :slight_smile:

yep… :smiley:

I’m still a possible…I’ve got TPS problems at the moment (never a dull day for an SXV owner :doze:) but hopefully will have that sorted soon.

Err. my KTM is a bit…err…sick

Work will commence though and then…who knows…

You sure it’s something to worry about Lew? I always get bits of metal coming out when I drop my oil, but it’s just little bits of clutch plate - normal on an SXV apparently.

We will see. I think the BCR is the best ‘test run’ for it…

Sneaks…this weekend? :smiley:

I am tempted to head out to Surrey lanes again this w/e… :smiley:

Saturday the most likely…

Still need to fix licence plate but that can be done in an evening…


Now now, no jealousy here please… :stuck_out_tongue:

What did adz say about the KTM? Is it fixed?

Im tempted to get the bike on the road if its a bcr blast

Ok, I am partying the night before, but I’m always good-to-go!

im out. KTM not road worthy.

Plus i might be busy…

damn man… sorry to hear that.

What’s the verdict?

Adz will be the fella taking a look when pay day comes round.

Gonna sell it after…

Exc next Lewis?

Sports bike im afraid…

You can greenlane on a sports bike? :w00t:

Aaaah. Tough luck, Lewis! I hope it gets sorted.
And trust me, if you sell it, you’ll regret it and soon after end up with 2 bikes in the garage :Whistling:


today i went to greenlane around Leatherhead but was to muddy for SM so had a quick spin on some dodgy roads instead. Was also at Box Hill and it looked like a Harley day:)

We should organise a ride out for next sunday as the weather is improving, dont u thik so guys?