Poor policing yesterday


Shocking policing…could have left them for 20 minutes or so before moving in :smiley:

like how she was pushed back into the van by pushing on her baps :laugh:


1:10 with the sound on is the best thing I’ve seen all year… Pure dynamite

I admire their spirit.

Yeah, they’ve definitely got spirit but they just come across as total nut jobs. Still not entirely sure what they’re protesting about.

Reminds me of those two mental case women that were running around in motorway traffic not so long ago…

Mate - they said the same about the suffragettes - last week the suffragettes got honoured in the Olympic opening ceremony.

They are protesting about women getting oppressed by hardcore islamic regimes like saudi arabia - the saudis have lots of money so no one criticises them.

Women getting the vote eh. Next they’ll be wanting to reverse park cars :smiley:


Them two that ran were purposely getting knocked over? That was nucking futs!! They must have been on some strong class A **** to do that!!

As for this topic… Thank you camer man! Good shooting son!


I’m not into rimming usually, but that brunnete has got an immense arse! I would pay good money to rim her out! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not saying they shouldn’t protest for women’s rights but I’m not sure anyone who saw that would think anything more than ‘what a bunch of loonies’. Maybe they could have done it differently 'tis all.


First Saudi female athlete :w00t: Wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley :smiley:

wow. at least they’re good looking.

Mian, redhead and boobies alert fyi :laugh:

How else do you get women in the back of your van…?

my sort of public event :wink:

Rohypnol… :laugh::smiley:

Not good policing. If they are not likely to cause a more serious threat, always wait 5 minutes for the initial adrenalin rush to wear out and for them to run out of steam, then be cool calm and collected about the arrest.

You get better news photos that way too. Particularly when they get read their rights under the arrest

(Oh I don’t thing any of those did so “innocent” of any charge.)

So say’s an expert !