Poor policing yesterday

No. Just someone that has received some very basic training,

I would have kettled them…don’t think there would have been a lack of volunteers :smiley:

bluelagos (04/08/2012)

I would have kettled them…

before or after you banged them:D:D:D

Why is it illegal for pretty ladies to take their tops off? :frowning:

Leave 'em to it I say

Agreed, should have just left them to it. They’re not committing any crimes (as far as I can see), just a low-level protest, certainly no grounds for calling in the heavy mob.

Outraging public decency is one I would go for, it’s a public area with the probability of young children around. Now don’t get me wrong I
appreciate a good pair of baps as the next guy…but there is a time and place. Also I did not see the heavy mob, as if they (the TSG) did arrive
it would have been a whole different ball game. :wink:

A fairly hard-core protest by the same organisation…

Was she complaining about jesus being crucified?

With that hair, she’s lucky she didn’t accidentally cut her face off in protest by mistake.

free riot:w00t: it will take more than that for sneaky to get shot of the plop :smiley:



Handcuffs, ,uniforms and topless women… Ah yes! :rolleyes:

Sounds like a routine weekend for you, eh Sharon?

She was lucky she did not get a ‘kick-back’ from that chain saw, as she really did not know how to use it

I suppose the shorts could have been armoured but otherwise a bit short on the PPE.

No gloves!

I think the girls are after news coverage…
Not sure how they manage to get visas to go abroad once booked in some country. Maybe they never go back to the same country.