Poole Quay 18th August

Anyone up for this next Tues? :smiley:

My proposed route is, A3. A31 to Winchester where I hope to pick up a mate on a VFR (she likes it! :hehe:) and then A3090, back onto A31 and drop down into Poole on the A349.

Rioting Rob and myself and hopefully Brickingit too (you know you want to :wink: ) are going to camp so we can get drunk :hehe: Campsite is Beacon Hill touring park, tel. 01202631631 (i’m takin no responsibility for this cos Rob found it so its prob shite :hehe::hehe:)

So we need to go to campsite before heading off for bike meet. Apparently there is a bar at the campsite (according to Rob so i don’t know how reliable that is :D:P)

Am proposing we leave London at 2pm, meeting place to be confirmed when we have an idea who wants to come.

Lets hope for sunshine :smiley: else i’m stayin in bed :laugh:

According to Rob this looks bloody good so can i come:D

I’m up for joining you guys on the ride down, no camping for me mind :w00t: weather permitting of course :wink:

And it will be bloody good to have you with us Ricky;)

Nice one Ricky, is masturbate a rude word?

Apparently not so we`ll use it instead of **** in future.:smiley:

Errrmm Bar:D:P


Rioting Rob (13/08/2009)

Errrmm Bar:D:P

http://www.beaconhilltouringpark.co.uk/[/quote]:ermm: lookin good mate, nice choice. Hope they’ve got table decorations and some quality napkins for your visit, should spice things up a bit :D;)

bricking it (13/08/2009)

So thats 3 of us masturbatin so far then :D:D:D

u joinin us Andy? u didn’t say, c’mon u know u want to :hehe:

hope they got proper beer in this bar Rob :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a lager lout me so not worried about beer:D

I should be up for it, will ride down with you but will head back the same evening. Just need to see how Tuesday goes work wise to see what time I can leave.

As discussed at BMM I want to go but wouldnt be able to leave till late afternoon if do-able, no camping for me tho, unless someone doesn’t mind me snuggling up :wink: :smiley:

I’m on for this, except for the [email protected]. I get enough action, ta ;)I’ll be cuming (coming?) back Tuesday evening though due to a phobia of camp sites that look like they do biddy bingo and meat draws. :smiley: And a lack of camping kit.

Be up for this - weather permitting - bike service permitting (in garage Tuesday am)

Where you guys meeting?

What time you expecting to collect your bike from the garage? and where are you based? Look at miss tibbs route what we will do is plan to meet peeps en-route;)

We are hoping to leave sainsburys car park, wandsworth road at 2pm Tuesday afternoon.:slight_smile:

Hi Rob

It’s in first thing - guy reckoned it should be done by midday…garage is in Ealing - I’m in Kingston. So should be easy enough to find a spot down the A3? Will be popping in the Ace tomorrow 10-10.30am - so can chat to her then?

Lets hope you don’t have to pay to park when you get there:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

O.K. Meeting Bluelagos @ Asda car-park 31 Roehampton Vale, London, SW15 3DT. If any one else wants to make thier way there you must be there by 2.30pm:D