Police making "Tactical Contact" with Moped Enabled Scrotes



Nothing harsh about that comment in my opinion! I agree and that is basically what I feel. You do wrong you accept the consequences no matter what they are.


I firmly believe that if you run from the police you take your chances. Same as if you burgle someone’s house you don’t have the right to complain if the owner does you damage.


BBC News - Met police officer could be charged for ramming moped


Maybe it is about time that the Police turned the tables and started applying the duty of care rule against the shits.

Unbeknown to many, the bandits despite thinking they are clever can be sued as they also owe a duty of care to the Police officers that are forced to go after them.

It has only been used once as far as I am aware (hence the 1997 ruling) but maybe it needs to have the cobwebs blown off these regs?

It could certainly apply to the little scrotes on their Mopeds.

Might cause a few tears when the little luvvies and their familes are made bankrupt



And so the carnival starts!

I’m not saying this should be a free ride for the police to ram every tom, dick and Harry bit this kid admitted he was doing wrong and therefore the copper should instantly be vindicated…


Is it too simplistic to suggest there’s an extremely easy way to avoid being knocked off by the police while riding a stolen PTW?


Like not being a fake plastic gangsta and paying attention in school.