Police making "Tactical Contact" with Moped Enabled Scrotes

Best video I’ve seen in ages. 'ave some of that.

I think the 4th one is my favourite. Pure Mario Kart.


love it!!!

that has made my day!

That first one, bet he did not expect that to happen…

Excellent news!!! Buy those cops beers.

Was just about to share the same link. Love it! I hope this sends a message out to those little scrotes!

I love them all.

A shame for the insurance policies involved but a theft means a claim anyway, and hopefully this will bring down premiums over the longer term.

I thought that which in the short term will be true but hopefully this kind of approach will start the decline of thefts which in turn would bring our insurance down.

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Excellent. About time too. We have waited too long for this solution which the sensible ones among us knew was necessary while the namby pamby lefties wrung their hands. Guess what? We’ll see moped related crime figures fall now. All power to the boys in blue.

About time - a few months of this and they’ll get the message. How has it taken so long though??

it’s made it to the beeb now.

watched it again, just as amusing as the first time.

Bombaclart to dem bike teaves. I an I say dat dis tactical contact fing is not enough. If da man is chasing someone rassclart dat has stoled a bike, or has mugged someone, especially a older person, penshenur like, dem da man should knock 'em off da bike, and run dem over with both front and rear wheels.

Peace out!

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Yeah…What he said…

I think a key word here maybe suspected??

if you’re running away surely you instantly become “suspect”

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That’s a suspicious number of chaps late for football practice to be fair.

Brilliant news, thanks for sharing the video. Just loved watching those scrotes get knocked off.

Just waiting on the guy to post that these tactics are “wrong” and “unjustified”

Met Police Commander Amanda Pearson said “a lot of them [scooter riders] get up and run away and look aghast as if to say ‘how dare we.’”

They’ve been getting away with it for so long it must come as a shock.

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Throw in some chemical castration to stop the scunters from breeding.

Brilliant, love it.

As much as I like the idea of fewer thefts bringing insurance premiums down, it may be wishful thinking on our part.

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