Got a PM from someone being a smart ar$e.

What do I do:

  1. Give s**t back, 2) let the little ****** have his game and leave it or 3) post it on here and repond on here?

I’m new here but can any of you long time people tell me if this is the norm here and something you all do as it’s not like this on GR site or VD.

Please can I have all replies on here as I’m not going to answer PM’s from some smart ‘chap’.

Dont give s**t back mate as it makes it worse either report it or let it go I suppose.

don’t play their game, it’ll make it worse, report it and hope the mods will do something.

BTW love the bike!

First tell a Moderator and then maybe post it on here so everyone can see who and whats going on

post it on here so they can be judged fairly, remove the name though

Ignore it and move on, life is too short.

Can’t do the report thing as knowing my luck some s**t will report my riding to the police as a come back .

Think I’ll go with the leave it. Maybe one of the Mods can remove this topic as I have no interest in this.

It’s been fun on the site and safe riding all you

hmmm, seems to be allot of this going on lately…

Too late mate, I already know about your riding !!

Fella, don’t take crap and unlike what some have said on here, reply back stating that what they said was wrong and you don’t appreciate it.

If you get an apology or it’s ignored just leave it, if they reply back with more then let the mods see it - thats what they get paid the big bucks for !

Contrary to what a few peeps have been saying here, words can offend and hurt people, everyone is different and not as thick skinned as the next person. If we treat people with a bit of respect then this won’t happen. I love taking the mickey as much as the next person but everyone has their own line that they don’t like to be crossed, if someone points out that that line has been crossed then an apology should follow without the rants or name calling after it.

If people aren’t capable of seeing that or capable of being decent enough to apologise when they have offended then maybe LB should considor having some sort of ignore function on here - sad day when that has to be thought of.

i would say post it here so everyone can see it and judge it accordingly

Post it up for all to see Its Friday FFS and I’ve got little to do at work today so having this as something to write about whould be fun

I think that any PM should be posted on the site to show the true side of a person, unless you are asking someone out

I was going to PM this question but will post it. Do you have a bike like the one in the picture or just like the picture? The bike looks like it is in mattback paint job? Maybe something I can do with the SV

Dude this all sounds very odd! Seriously though if you’re gettin unwanted attention via PM and you want it to stop please do give us a shout.


Oh ********, that was meant for someone else.

BTW - did I spell “Feltching Baboon” correctly?

Don’t worry about the police thing.

The offence of “Looking like a mighty morphing power ranger, while riding slowly on a tatty black rat-bike” has been reduced to a warning with mandatory attendence of a fashion awareness course.

Very well said that man!

Wise wise words my friend, totally agree!

be an adult about it.

Trojan, Big bucks moderators dont get paid, being a mod dong get ya laid, we dont get served quicker at the bar, we dont have get out of jail free cards and we consantly asterisk out all the badly spelt swear words, can some one tell me why I am doing this again?

In seriousness if you are getting an unwanted pm send it to me or one of the other moderators. If some one was gonna report a spat of dodgy riding to the police we’d all be in trouble.

Highjacking time…what about the bike. I’d like to know about where you can get a bike panted like that?

PM’s are BS . (but you could PM me where you get a paint job like that - or if your a single fit girl looking for an ungly overweight married man )

oh, and there’s no “t” in Felching.