Planning the next newbie "Confidence Ride" Out

Hi there

After an enjoyable “confidence rideout” I am considering making this a monthly event.

Is anyone keen to help me plan the route for the next one ?

Let me know.


doubt ill be a good planner but im up for another, if you’ll have me :slight_smile:

I’ll help where i can, and will tail gun again if you will have me back :smiley:

I’d love to come on a ride out never been on one before. I’ve ridden a vespa for a year and just taken my licence for a big bike and will be getting a bandit in the next couple of weeks so count me in.

Sounds good - lets arrange to meet at the ace sometime to arrange ! I am considering setting off from the ACE again and ending at the Kings Oak

Speak to you guys soon

The Kings Oak has the toilets, but the tea hut just back down the road does a pukka sausage roll :smiley:

Hey <A class=SmlBoldLinks id=_ctl1_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater__ctl14_smAuthorName onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” href=“void(’’);”>Trisckie

U keen to meet sometime this week to put something together ?



Glad the last one went off so well!

I was gonna suggest the Pirbright Bends in Surrey - but the King’s Oak has suuuch a pretty pub web-page! I reckon a monthly event’d be great, though - and I’m willing to lend a hand planning, waypointing etc etc if it’s ever required.

i know the route very well:D be happy to tail gun, lead etc…whatever you like:)

count me in;)

I’ll meet you at the pub, as I’m only just down the road from there :P:P:P


I think monthly rides is a great idea. It is also good that the rides are going to different places.

Hi All

Thanks for all your replies!

Who can meet me at the Kings Oak this week to plan the route? I am looking at Tuesday or Thursday evening +/-18h30 this week. If you have commitments I am open to an alternative date/ time.

> decide on route

> Tail gunner - Trisckie

> Lead - rutty46

rutty46, trisckie can you guys make it? Others welcome - your input will be valuable


Looks like quite a good route - Perhaps we could make it a little longer ?,-0.119476&sspn=0.306221,0.598755&ie=UTF8&z=11


i can meet thursday! no probs!

I am no expert on roads north of the river, but I would suggest heading north, through some very nice Essex roads and then drop south into Epping Forest

It’s a barren wasteland, mate, with nothing but a few tumbleweeds blowing through desultory towns as a few haggard figures search for scraps whilst half-starved dogs chase each other through the overgrown ruins of abandoned streets.

Surrey, Kent and Berkshire are where it’s all at!

Oh, and I’m good for either the Tues or Thurs - but Ace’d be a much easier place to get to for a meet, if that’s possible!

All I know is that I was lead out on a Maxi-Muppets ride from Waltham Abbey to High Beach via lots of Essex. Don’t know the exact route but it was bit more interesting than the A406. :slight_smile:

I can do thursday

Ace or High Beech … though Ace is better for me

Okay guys

Lets all meet at the ACE Cafe - Thursday 18h30

Have a good week !


we could do a route i know of through some lanes,

i need to meet with you all first and discuss the route etc