Planning the next newbie "Confidence Ride" Out

shizer, was we al to meet up today??

borrox! got caught up at work didnt leave till gone 6 sorry chaps, stil up for doing it tho!

Hi All

Sorry I was late; I hit some major delays on the way.

Anyway a big thank you too the planning committee that pitch up!

Ratty46 - what happened mate we really missed out on your valuable input! :slight_smile:

I will post some routes up on the forum - hopefully we will be able to reach some consensus by the end of the week.

Ratty46 could you PM me your mobile - I would still like your input.

All the best and safe riding.


I wouldnt mind doing a ride let me know when its happening the croked mile would be a good route experiance I think it should involve some different types of road

Does anybody want to suggest a route for the next newbie ride out ?

I have mentioned Fox’s or Englands Rose, both good :slight_smile:

There’s a route Burnham Beeches through Henley… (this might be the Fox’s route actually) then on through Bledlow Ridge and Wendover. Quite nice roads, lots of hills and corners!

Sounds goods, i know some of the places you mention, sounds about right on the Fox’s bit

Hi Guys

Can you all map out your routes and post them to the forum or email them to me.

In terms of rules etc for the ride out - yes that is key bearing in mind everyone’s safety. The intention is also to have fun and network.

I would like to finalise the rules/ routes by Sunday - does anyone want to meet to finalise. Ratty46 / Trisckie - you guys are key to this - can you guys meet for 45 min sometime this weekend. Ace or Kings Oak - I personally would prefer the Kings Oak.

I would like to get the event posted Sunday night.


I MIGHT be able to do late saturday afternoon, wont know til tomorrow

not sure about sunday, need to find out what time we are going/coming back from where we have to go if that makes sense :hehe:

Sorry to be so vague