Pizza man down.

I was out on the bike last night and I was overtaken by a pizza man, it was a 30mph zone, he was doing about 45. Then to my surprise he just completely lost control and mounted the kerb and smashed into the wall. It was one of the most bizarre crashes I’d seen. The road only had a slight curve to it and somehow he’d managed to lose control completely. I pulled up to help him out but he was okay and got to his feet quickly. I then noticed he had stuffed his mobile phone into the front of his helmet and was on his phone! Quite a few people stopped to help but he just got back on his bike and road off. I don’t think he could speak much English.

hell have a headache this morning

Was the pizza ok?

I nearly had the pizza actually, When I went to help his bike up the top-box got caught in my handlebars, he then proceeded to try and ride off with my handle bars pulling at the top box. I had to shout at him to stop moving. I could see the pizza slipping out.

If I wasn’t trying to avoid shitty foods…

Pizza delivery guys are nuts.

I did my DAS is december, wearing thermals, liner gloves, chunky textile suit etc. and I was still freezing. A pizza delivery guy turned up for his CBT in a t-shirt, fleece, trakkie bottoms & fleece gloves :crazy:

Yeah this guy was wearing nothing in terms of protective gear and it was obvious he was paying absolutely no attention to the road at all.

I wonder how many of these guys get injured/killed?

i sometimes shove my phone into my helmet…

WHAT?!?! It IS hands free:P:laugh:

I think this guy was using his tongue to dial up his mate. He obviously wasn’t giving the road any attention.

I’ve often wondered why the Law allows Provisional Motorcycle Licence holders to ride professionally for reward, not just the pizza boys and girls many of the couriers too. Maybe it’s time for a change in Law so that if you’re riding for reward whether that be part time or full time you should have a full licence.

In what other industry are you allowed to operate machinery without some form of licence? How long before The Health and Safety Executive will step in here. Possible taking it one step further to include full time unpaid riders such as the knowledge boys and girls etc.

What would that achieve? Someone like a courier or pizza delivery boy who spend 8-10 hours a day on a bike in all conditions probably have more riding skill than many people on a “big” bike who have been taught to pass a test, not taught to ride. Anyone can go pay £500 to take their DAS for 2 or 3 days “training”, then take their test, doesn’t make them any safer.

The average pizza boy spends 8-10 hours a day riding like a lunatic. If that’s as good as doing a DAS then I shouldn’t have had to do any more training after 15,000 miles of riding (not like a lunatic) a scooter on CBT.

The idea being that you learn more of the proper skills on the DAS before you start driving like a lunatic…

at my work (as a pizza boy) im the only delivery driver with a full bike license, and the only one who rides outside of work (and the only one in full kit).

i do agree that you should not be able to work on a CBT alone. CBTs are meant to be temporary, but too many people just keep renewing them rather then take the test, meaning L plates on bikes have no meaning anymore.

also, the pizza bikes have the L plate printed on the box when we get it, so i ride around with l plates even though ive a full license (is that legal?)

Jesus…Don’t get me started on Pizza Boys…Man they are Total and utter fruitcakes…Insane in the brain them lot are.

Remember when Domino’s used to do the old “if it doesn’t arrive in 30mins you get it free”

The Pizza’s boys really up’ed the anti then…Some even bought blades etc with pizza’s boxes on the back so they could get there in 30mins…Red lights,no entries,mowing people down at zebra crossings, some even diced with death motoring through level crossing just as the gate was coming down. Is it worth it for mightyt meaty?? I don’t think so…

think about it this way, someone else’s bike, someone elses servicing, someone elses petrol.

any way, with the times they give us to get the pizza to the door (usually about 10-15 min from leaving the shop), we need to ride fast.

I’m not swayed …

Pizza delivery boys and girls are put at risk on a daily basis, the industry they work in offer them no training, no protection (other than possible an ill fitting worn out over used crash helmet) and place profits above Health and Safety.

If delivering pizza was such a good training ground for motorcyclists the DSA would have adopted it by now. Then again after two years training on a pizza delivery circuit why would a rider having gained such valuable skills then re-new their CBT in preference to taking the test?

we get offered jacket trousers and a helmet.

though, they must have cost a total of 20p, the amour is like cardboard, jacket feels to have no form of abrasion resistance, and the helmets must have been dropped god knows how many times (the top of one is even melted and still in use).

also, the bikes tend to be in shoddy condition, and are rarely able to pass an MOT.

chains are constantly loose, bald(ing) tyres, panels held together made of duct tape…

A guy brought me my pizza once wearing a jacket that had been ripped from a crash and a helmet that had been welded :w00t: on the front!

I queried it with him and he just shrugged not wanting to slag off his employer that made them pay for the kit - he was a really polite, nice chappy…

No it’s not legal, you need to remove the L plates or put a cross through them with a marker pen//black tape or whatever


after doing some Internet reading (since when is that ever wrong :P) it appears that you dont need to take them off, but the highway code says you should (highway code is not law).

i would be taping them, but i use a different bike each time, so would get through a lot of tape :stuck_out_tongue: